Improve your business by using ancient mind techniques

The explosion of research and indeed the apparent exponential growth in universities from all round the world publishing papers on the benefits of practising meditation, mindfulness and what some call ‘calm’ is wonderful opportunity for all of us.

Our brains

This together with the ever increasing availability of evidence and understanding of how our brains actually work through popular acceptance and interest in neuroscience proves beyond doubt that there is direct improvement in functioning as a result of regular practice. All of this gives us legitimate permission and I do mean permission because as we know so many people – in fact maybe the majority of folks seem to need proof even empirical data and evidence that what we do will work before venturing forth.


Magically, at the same time there are those who are less inclined to need all this and who are even much more confident with more spiritual explanations for what its all about, but nevertheless it still works wonders for them too. So wherever people are on that continuum you can be sure that you will gain all manner of benefits that otherwise would not come to you if you choose to practice with your tools or better still attend one of our up and coming events to get some more. In MindStore we say “it only works” and it has been doing so for over 25 years while it continues to evolve and grow no matter what explanations are postulated for why.

Spiritual not technical

That said, to be honest I can swing in either direction in-terms of explanations though I am more inclined to sit towards the spiritual emphasis. However I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy my smart TV and what it can do, likewise my iPhone and since I was 18 driving around in cars. Each of these things that have continued to evolve and have become central to my life I don’t have a clue about how they work. I’ve got techie friends and a petrol head mate who do and seem love reading about what’s happening under the bonnet or behind the screen. However I can’t be bothered even spending a minute with this, however I absolutely respect their passion for doing so and wish them well with it.

Alpha state

I am much more interested in what you and I can do with it all because that’s just  how I am. So for all these years I have been exploring what can be done in the alpha state, how far can I push myself and what kind of tools and programs will help people change their lives for the better? However there has never been a better time to own up to being an enthusiast and for encouraging your colleagues at work or indeed family or friends to take a closer look. Both they and you will certainly benefit from doing so and that empirically is a fact. Like never before has there been such an open willingness in folks to want to know and indeed learn about how to practice and improve with this kind of stuff.


With newspapers, magazines and endless other sources people will certainly have heard of “mindfulness” which is a word that covers all sorts of possibilities and it’s certainly increasingly becoming more mainstream. So no there’s no need for any of us to get embarrassed or be shy to say that we practice meditation type techniques. After all they are now without question proven to improve all manner of aspects of our lives. After 25 years pedigree and all those companies and leading figures not to mention thousands of success stories  with our House on The Right Bank or Island have as much credibility as anyone else in this field and probably much more.

Many tools and techniques for improving personal and group performance

It’s also becoming much easier for me to teach more advanced material too, even to beginners, because the sceptical resistance is melting away and there is a genuine hunger to have as many tools and techniques for improving personal and group performance. Quite simply – it’s just normal now and it’s even beginning to look like not having access will limit folks opportunities especially in their careers.

Bruce Lee

Think for a moment of the folks around you at work, your neighbours and of course family and friends who are moving through this life that is all too short but who still don’t have the range of tools and techniques we have that absolutely give us proven advantages. However, as I say repeatedly “it’s not enough to get this intellectually” we only have the added potential if we actually do it. Bruce Lee said “Knowing is not enough we must apply, willing is not enough we must do.” I know without doubt that the vast majority of “graduates” of MindStore programs have no doubt about the benefits of practising but it’s remembering to do it that is the challenge.

I also know that having people around you who are “graduates” too is more inclined to make it the thing to do, and as a result everything associated with MindStore begins to dramatically improve.

Whether people feel the need to mitigate and free themselves from the downside of modern life or are more inclined to want to unlock the upside and achieve much more of their potential then now is the time to get to it.

Is stress and anxiety part of your day to day life or do you suffer from poor sleep?

So is stress and anxiety part of your day to day life or do you suffer from poor sleep? are you inclined to have headaches? tend to feel overwhelmed at times? or are unable to hold your attention or have a general sense of uncertainty and helplessness? there is no doubt that that’s increasingly the norm especially with most folks working longer and harder. Someone has to be making up the statistics of 70% of doctors visits being stress related and spare a thought for the 1/3 of workers in the city of London for example who are reported to be suffering from mental health complaints. If that’s what is going on than MindStore can tackle it and provide much more besides.

On the other hand we are able to enjoy deeper sleep, more self-control, compassion, focused attention, a better quality and more useful decisions, enhanced emotional intelligence, improving relationships with more self-awareness through more empathy and compassion. MindStore promises a much more authentic you with a brighter outlook, more energy and much more fun.

Active approach

Our approach in itself is not a passive method, one of reaching a state of absolute stillness and quietude, though that is very special in its own right. Our entire approach which does include the peaceful state is actually a dynamic meditative method providing enhanced thinking where all our facilities come together empowering us to achieve way beyond that which is possible rather than if you go about things without our methods, tools and techniques.

I am finding that by and large there are two camps emerging in first time attendees or in in-house events and with conference audiences. First, there is a sizeable portion that do need the security and back up of knowing that science and research is right behind it all and has an abundance of data proving without doubt all the beneficial claims of this overall movement. When I started I was a pioneer in the UK facing huge cultural blocks that I had to slowly chip away at but that has all changed over time.

The Field of Pure Potentiality

On the other hand there is a growing acceptance and belief in the notion of a higher self, higher intelligence, universal consciousness or what Deepak Chopra calls “The Field of Pure Potentiality.” Many more are comfortable with the notion that when we find our way into the meditative state that there is a kind of “connectedness” or “inter-connectedness” with a higher power or communal wisdom. Indeed there is a growing acceptance of the ideas around spirituality anyway, even in hard business settings and that explaining all the benefits form this place is as valid as relying on the scientific and empirical evidence coming from academic research.

The scientists and the philosophers can’t prove or disprove what each are saying about consciousness itself but they do accept that it exists. Maybe it’s enough to have the desire to improve on what we are doing with it and for me probably more important than explaining what it is one way or the other. I have definitely witnessed extraordinary change and improvement in those who seek “to do” and “apply.”

Bring this to your business

We are now bringing these techniques to businesses as well. Hence the Business Master class in Dublin  on 12 June.

You can book your place here 

Keep Smiling




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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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