The Importance Of Video Marketing In Mobile-First Culture


If your marketing strategy is wide and thoroughly planned, you probably have various ways of reaching your potential customers, meaning that video marketing is also included.

Still, video marketing should be one of your biggest concerns, as mobile devices have been definitely prevailing over any other means for quite some time now. Here is why video marketing is important and how to put it to a good use:

1. Easy to share

If a user comes across a fun and informative content, they won't hesitate to share it with others. With just one touch of a finger, video posts can be shared with a wide audience on YouTube, Instagram or Vine or any other major social site. A video is more likely to stand out when checking out news feed on a mobile device than a long text that's more difficult to read. One click and the viewer gets to watch the video, and another one to share it - quick and simple!

2. Cure for boredom

When in a situation where they need to wait for a longer period of time, like at the station or in a waiting room, people will probably take out their mobile phones and surf the net. This is where you can make a favorable situation for you - create top-funnel content to attract viewers and convey your message. This is an especially effective way when it comes to appealing to young people. They are most likely to watch videos any chance they have, so if they are a part of your target viewers - even better.

3. More appealing to the eyes

A page full of text, regardless the fact that the text is informative and useful, will probably be ignored or just glazed over. It's just too much for most people. On the other hand, an embedded video with an accompanying content breaks up the monotony of the page and attracts the viewer's attention. Images work in a similar way, but they aren't as appealing as videos, which offer a story behind as well. On a four-inch smartphone, it's easier to watch a video than to read a text - the majority of people will just press the play button instead of scrolling down while reading something.

4. Free Wi-Fi

A few years back, the situation was not the same - few places offered free Wi-Fi, which limited the options for marketing intended for mobile devices. The reason behind this is that people were afraid to watch a video when outside their homes in order not to exceed their data limit and have to pay extra money. But nowadays, more and more public places offer free Wi-Fi, so videos are not out of reach for most people, so - bring it on!

How to do it properly?

  1. Keep it short and interesting

According to research that compared the relationship between the viewer's engagement and the length of the video, 45% of viewers will give up on watching the video after 1 minute, while about 60% of them will stop watching after 2 minutes running. Consequently, what you need to do is to stick to shorter videos. If the video is intended for Instagram, 60 seconds is the upper limit, while 10 seconds are more than enough on Snapchat.

The question is - what to put into that short period of time that still will be effective and useful? A good video production company with long experience in marketing will recommend you concentrate on the high-level use of the product or how-to do something of the product - those are the videos that show a positive effect on a higher conversion rate of the product being shown in the video. Of course, when it comes to the live content, the rules are slightly different - viewers are motivated to tune in for a longer period, for example, if it's a webinar.

  1. Include storytelling

The more engaging the video is, the better are the chances it will be effective in the end. You will achieve engagement with a good storyline - the ad is more likely to be watched until its end if there is a story to follow. Whether the story is emotional or fun is less important - it needs to be captivating.

Final words

Videos could be one of the greatest strengths of your marketing strategy. The more you keep on exploring their benefits and ways to make them more attractive, the sooner you'll notice positive results in the conversion rate.

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Wednesday, 13 November 2019
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