Ignoring the Traditional Methods of Advertising

Ignoring the traditional methods of advertising could be just the thing a company needs to get noticed, gain market share and distinguish itself from the competition. While direct mail, TV and radio advertising were once big hits, now people can use the digital technology that is available to the whole world to make a difference in their marketing campaigns. Consider each option and see which ones will bring the best results for a business that is not making any headway with traditional marketing techniques.

Social Media

Using social media to advertise a business is a new wave that has hit in the last few years with the increase in popularity of Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. These three sites alone could change the way a business operates simply because they reach so many people. One must also consider that these sites have other businesses on them. This means that there is a marketing war going on on social media, but it is not costing companies anything.

Consider how much it costs to purchase a radio ad or mailer. Now consider that signing up for these websites is free to everybody. Any business can have an account that they can use to advertise their own products and services.

When using social media sites, the company must do more than wait for people to follow it. Following users who are interesting and cool is a good way to make the company look and feel human. If people think they are being followed by a robot, the bad press from that alone could sink a social media campaign.

Also, these social media sites allow for constant updating. This means that a business can do things through social media that it can't even do in a commercial. Social media sites allow businesses to upload photos and videos in real time. This means that an executive can upload a video from the production of a new product directly to the company's page and customers will see this immediately. People don't care about sound editing and post-production on a social media site. They will be excited to see the videos or photos and actively share them with all of their friends.

Also, companies can use social media to launch a prize campaign. When customers get the chance to share or reblog content from a company for a chance at a prize, the number of people that contest will reach is staggering to say the least.

Viral Videos

Viral videos can take the web by storm. Not only will they be shared by people on social media, but they will find their way all over the internet. For a few hundred dollars and a couple hours of time, a company can produce a viral video that will be far more successful than a television commercial that may ten or a hundred times more to produce.

The advent of Vine as a video app also allows companies to produce videos that only last six seconds but make a big impression. A company can use its own employees to produce videos that advertise their products. This helps the company to appear real and filled with humans who enjoy having a good time, friends and family. Traditional marketing methods make companies look stale, robotic and uninterested in the average consumer.

Abandoning the traditional methods of marketing is something every business should consider. Whether it is through social media or viral videos, a business can market their products for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Companies can save money, interact with their customers and improve their image all with digital marketing methods that are available to anyone in the marketplace.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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