If You Have a Startup, You Need Content Marketing

Launching a startup is not only about having a good idea, creating a unique product or interesting service. This is all the basis of a business, of course, but it does not mean anything if the people are not aware of it. Marketing is what helps a startup to rise and expand. Overnight success is not something to expect, because usually there are years of work and experience that stand behind it. Young entrepreneurs have limited resources, such as time and money. So, every marketing effort, no matter how small it is, should be well executed and thoroughly planned.

Unlike traditional marketing strategies, a startup requires a different type of promotional strategies. We are talking about content marketing, with companies turning heavily to production of rich, original, and keyword-optimized content. Here is what small companies should know about content marketing.

Knowing Your Audience

The structure of your audience depends on the niche you are engaged in. These people have specific tastes, so perhaps they want a short, quick and informative article or an in-depth analysis that is backed up with important research information and quotes from different experts. If a more basic and explanatory jargon works and your customers are not experts, then you really do not need to invest in a complex content written in the industry jargon. Know your audience, instead of making assumptions about them.

“Content Is King”

This is a famous quote by Bill Gates that has been repeatedly used by internet marketers and SEO’s. The point of the whole process is creating as many points of entry to your company’s website as possible, increase website traffic, get people to know the name of your brand, which will eventually lead to higher sales and revenues.

However, publishing poor content will lead you nowhere. Companies usually do this in order to pump out as much content as possible in the shortest period of time, but it is a waste of money and time. Plagiarized, lousy, and less engaging blog posts written by people from third world countries are actually everywhere on the internet, but this kind of content will do you harm.

Focus on targeting audiences who will likely use your service or product and just write what you know. Consider writing white papers, but avoid those that focus on how to use your product. What attracts them are interesting and different industry knowledge and best secrets and practices that will help them get ahead. Case studies, webinars, and white papers are crucial as your main marketing tools and a big part of the consumers’ decision-making process.

Visuals and Video

Including them in your marketing data is a great content marketing approach. Millennials are not that much into text as they are into video content. Instead of reading a tutorial on something, they would rather look up a video tutorial, because it is more engaging and will take them less time and effort to absorb it. According to certain statistic publishing, videos are among the most popular content marketing tactics, alongside photos and illustrations, eNewsletters, and social media.

They increase the audience’s understanding of your product and most users remember the video ad. Making mobile ads, YouTube commercials, and other kinds of video tutorials means utilizing video in the most effective way. As for future startup marketing strategies, it is certain that video will be the most valuable asset for increasing brand and informational awareness, and creating useful online content.

According to an NNG research, readers spend less time reading text on the web page than they do looking at the images, when the images are relevant. This shows the importance of information-carrying images, along with the fact that tweets with no images receive 150% less retweets than those with images, according to BufferApp. Infographics are also helpful to audiences by breaking down concepts and helping them understand them better.


When it comes to content marketing, changes are constant and we must try to predict future strategies and trends, because precise predictions are powerful enough to place you ahead of the competition. Various marketing experts offer their content marketing predictions, and point out to things that every company should focus on.

Turning to latest video engagement and content platforms for articles is what is recommended. Also, startups should learn to use various analytics tools for understanding their audiences better, which will help them in creating better and more relevant content.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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