I need to be re-energized

Recently I wrote an article on optimism that really generated a huge amount of reaction – many talking about what they did to stay optimistic, others saying how much it was in short supply.

Quite a few comments were about how people were just feeling somewhat deflated and need something to really get them re-energized but just did not know how.

I found this really interesting because for many who were making the comment, it was not because their life was in distress, their career in trouble or any deep personal issues.

A need to be re-energized

Nevertheless, they felt they really needed to be re-energized.

I got into conversation with a number to really dig a bit deeper because, as I said, on the surface their lives were going pretty well. Truthfully, when I did dig a bit more, I confirmed what I thought – that generally speaking, their lives were in good shape! Not Nirvana, but then…..that’s life!

So, what was the issue?

What was beneath their need to be re-energized is their need to stretch and find new challenges in their lives.

Now, this is not the “shiny new toy” syndrome, this is about not reaching out for new adventures, new experiences, new things to learn and explore.

You see we are all hardwired to reach out for the “new” – and that is not just my opinion, as it is well researched by neuroscientists through detailed study of MRIs.

Our brains really kick into gear when we are experiencing new challenges and events – it releases dopamine which energizes us to grow and stretch.

So, is this just a call to go out and flood your world with new things? No, this is not, as I said, the “shiny new toy” syndrome. Your life is pretty full right now so you do not need a flood of new things – that would not cause you to be re-energized! Frankly, it would cause overwhelm!

Re-energise with new things

This is about adding new things that will add value to your life, that is relevant to your life, and will enhance your life – this will cause you to be re-energized.

So, what am I talking about as an example? It could be about having regular breaks, it could be about learning a new skill, it could be about attending concerts you really want to go to, visiting family or friends that you have been meaning to do but have not or it could be about exploring new markets for your business.

It is simply about ensuring that you are continuously introducing new experiences into your life that will give you the buzz you need and cause your life to be re-energized. It is about setting new goals and challenges for yourself.

It will only happen if you make a decision and a commitment.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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