How to Create a Workspace that Encourages Productivity


There are many factors that can influence productivity in the workplace. If your business is looking for ways to increase the engagement and productivity levels among your employees, then you should ensure that your office space creates the right conditions for concentration, focus and motivation. Here's how to create a workspace that encourages productivity:

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As the old adage goes “a clean space equals a clear mind”. Encouraging employees to keep a clean and tidy workspace is a start, but what other ways can you create an organised environment that encourages   


Lighting is one of the most crucial considerations you can make in your workspace, but getting the balance right can be very tricky. In fact, there may be times throughout the day where you may need to adjust it, depending on the lighting outside. Too much lighting can lead to a sense of fatigue and can be a strain on the eyes, while darkness can cause a slump in mood or morale. Try to experiment with a variety of lamps and always try to incorporate natural light from outside when possible.


Allowing documents or other bits of paper to pile up on the desk can prove to be very distracting when there are important tasks at hand, which is why a few minutes should be set aside each morning to cast away the clutter. One great way to drastically reduce the amount of clutter in the workplace is to encourage all workers to save important files on cloud sharing platforms such as Google Drive, as this is far more secure and saves a lot of time.

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A research team from the University of Exeter found that having a few plants around the office can increase productivity levels by up to 15%. Even the blandest of office spaces are injected with a sense of life when a couple of plants are introduced, and they can also help to foster creativity. The workplace can often be a stressful environment, and there are many studies that show plants have a calming effect on workers and can even help with anxiety.

Colour Schemes

Colour schemes can have a profound effect on the human psyche, which is why you want to select the right hues to create a productive and positive atmosphere. The colour blue is said to the most impactful for productivity, as it has a soothing quality that can lower the blood pressure during moments of high pressure. Blue also promotes dialogue and trust between other members of staff, but too much of it can invoke feelings of sadness. The best bet is to not solely rely on one colour, and try to use a combination of light and airy tones.

Whether your business is located in an office building or you work from home, surroundings are crucial to how the mind functions throughout the day. The quality of air and scent in a work environment are also massively important for productivity, and there are also times when a change of scenery can help to inspire new ideas.

Over to you now. How have you gone about creating a workspace to encourage productivity? Share any thoughts in the comments below. 

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Thursday, 14 November 2019
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