How Using Motivational Speakers Can Help Engage Employees


Staff can be motivated by an increase in their wages, or by a good incentive program. However, often employee motivation can be increased with the aid of a great motivational speaker. They can motivate and inspire a workforce in a way that no manager can by simply appreciating them from the point of view of an outsider. Motivational speakers do not need to be expensive although the cost of hiring a good one can be more than offset by the increased productivity and motivation of your staff. Here's how using motivational speakers can help engage employees.

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A good motivational speaker will help in the following ways:

Focus on a successful story

Your motivational speaker should be able to bring their own success story with them; their story will blend a mix of what they have achieved against adversity with an element of the expertise of the company. This will make the story real to your employees and inspire them as to what is possible. This new perspective can be seen in the increased motivation of your employees.

Sharing the vision and showing how they are part of it

Many employees come to work and perform the same duties every day; these duties can become monotonous and seem to be pointless. A good motivational speaker will help your employees to see that every part of the process is important and that there role is important. 

This can have a huge effect on staff when it is being conveyed by an outsider to the business. By helping your employees see their roles as part of a bigger picture they will be able to see the whole process differently, this can result in new ideas and a new level of enthusiasm.

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Teamwork is the key to keeping employees motivated

By helping employees see the bigger picture and the importance of everyone in the process it is possible to bond the team in a way that they had not previously achieved. This bonding will allow the employees to look out for each other, respect each other and find new ways as a team to get the job done. Increasing productivity, job satisfaction and making the workplace a happier place to be.

Engaging and empowering employees

The average employee may feel that all the power rests with the management. However, a truly inspirational speaker will empower them and help them to see that they have the power to help the company do well.  The speaker can motivate them by helping them to realize that they can and do make a difference; they also have the potential to do much more. The power is actually in the hands of the workers and realising this can inspire them to achieve far greater things.

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Overcome resistance

It is natural to resist change and there are always a few people in a business who prefer to stick to the tried and tested methods rather than embrace anything new. A motivational speaker can help these people to understand that change can be a good thing. In fact change can make life easier for individuals and improve the position of the business while improving the conditions for the employee. This is often far more believable when coming from an outside source as opposed to be delivered by a member of management.

Helping employees with Work/Life Balance

No one should live just to work and this can sometimes feel the way it is. A motivational speaker can help to address these issues and correct the work / life balance for all employees. They will be able to see the issues clearer as they are looking at the whole picture; whilst those working for the business may be bogged down in the daily grind. By restoring the work / life balance you will have happier employees who are eager to come to work and will be more productive and responsive to new ideas.

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Motivating your employees is the biggest thing you can do to improve your profits! Make them feel part of a team, and they’ll strive to help your company succeed. 

Over to you now. Have you used motivational speakers for your employees to help motivate them? Tell us in the comments below. 


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