How Toll Free Numbers can Help Travel Booking Companies Boost Business

There are dozens of ways in which travel booking companies can promote their business. You can use digital marketing strategies to drive visitors to your website online, you can use hoardings with ads in the right locality and try to get your users call you for booking, or you can advertise in the print or television media. But, at the end of the day, a majority of the travel booking will be done on the phone.


There is a small thing that you can do to drastically increase the number of people calling your number. The simple act of getting a toll-free number that people can call for free can significantly increase the number of inquiries you receive.


What is a toll-free number and how does it work?

Speaking simply, a toll-free number is a special number that people can call for free. When you choose a toll-free number internationally or locally, people can call your number free of charge. As you bear the charge of the call (it can be discounted, depending of what kind of deal the toll-free number company offers), people show more readiness in calling you.


When a user calls a toll-free number, the prefix (1800 in Australia) detects that it is a toll free number and routes it as per instructions from the toll-free number subscriber. This means that when your clients call the toll-free number, they are routed to the number you have designated: it can be your office, your call center or even an overseas call center.


How do Toll-Free Numbers Benefit Travel Booking Companies?

There are several indirect ways in which a toll-free number can help travel and tourism companies. Here are three most compelling reasons for getting a toll free number for your business:




# Better Response to Marketing Campaigns

No matter how you are advertising, the aim of the marketing campaign is to get your potential customers to contact you. They can contact you by visiting your physical location, and they can visit your website. But, they can also call and talk to you or your representative directly on the phone. When people know that the number they are calling is free of charge, they lose much of their hesitation and call. This increases the rate of response to your marketing campaign and helps you sell more tickets and travel packages.


# Extend your Reach

Many people prefer to book tickets or packages from large and established travel companies. Others like to do business with local companies. A toll-free number helps you attract both types of clients. The very nature of the number masks your location; so, you don’t lost a potential customer simply because he thinks that you are located too far away to be of any use to him. Also, people from all over the country or world can call the number without any charges – so you have access to a large audience.


# Display Competence and Create a Big Impression

A local number without any frills doesn’t create confidence among customers. On the other hand, a smart toll-free number help you create a professional impression. Travel booking is an important aspect for the customers’ lives, and they won’t trust just anyone to help them with their plans. The toll-free numbers indicates that your company is reliable and efficient, increasing the chances of people contacting you.


These are just few of the business advantages of getting a toll-free number. In addition, it will also help you increase the efficiency of your customer services department, and provide better services to your customers.


Author Bio:

Mrunal Khatri is associated with Zintel Communications, a leading communication solutions provider. Are you hunting for a company that can provide you with 1300 number and 1800 number and other toll-free number services? Zintel can provide you with customized communication solutions. You can contact on Facebook and Twitter.










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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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