How To Tweak Sales Cycle To Close Leads Faster and Easier

Sales teams that work largely with unready to purchase leads risk wasting overhead in addition to time that could be spent pursuing actual qualified leads.  It is crucial to build a sales cycle that is not too long around targeted strategy and specific tactics.

Discover how to build a shorter sales cycle by integrating tactics, strategy, and focusing on qualified leads.

1.     Assess the Current Sales Cycle

Create a funnel, and literally map out what content should be delivered to prospects at different stages of the sales cycle.  Implement a less subjective multi-tiered system for dissemination of information in order to support sales staff.

Create three main tiers that are representative on the sales cycle.  Tracking the movement of prospects through the tiered system can help standardize the sales process by determining what leads are more likely to be qualified and ready to purchase.

2.     Build Content For Each Stage of the Sales Cycle

Focus on three primary tiers of a unique sales cycle initially.  Sub-tiers can be addressed at a later date to further fine-tune the cycle.

Top of the Funnel - Start building content about product or service in formation at the top of the funnel, or the first tier.  Let interested leads access the content at their leisure by reading a blog, reading anchor text on a website, or engaging in consumer education online.  Give prospects a chance to determine whether or not they are interested initially, and give prospects a chance to make initial contact in order to proceed.

Middle of the Funnel- Leads that contact a business after accessing general information are qualified after taking the initiative to learn more in-depth information about products and service offered.  These leads are in the middle of the funnel.

Bottom of the Funnel -Qualified leads that reach the bottom of the funnel are ready for direct contact with sales staff.  Free consultations or free demonstrations are best used for leads that have reached the third tier of the sales cycle.  They have demonstrated interest in a specific product or service offered and ready to buy.

3.     Automate as Many Processes as Possible Without Sacrificing Quality

Leads can be automatically processed and funneled through the sales cycle.  After the initial system is running, sales staff can allow leads to access information from the top two tiers virtually and independently. Subsequently, sales staff can focus efforts on qualified leads that have been funneled to the end of the sales cycle. Automated systems also have benefits including:

Timely Lead Nurturing-  It is important to nurture leads in the beginning and middle of the funnel when providing email answers to early questions.

Effective Lead Segmentation- The right approach to lead segmentation can help quality leads move through the middle of the funnel by addressing numerous barriers when completing a sale

Comprehensive Lead Grading – Using more objective measures to grade leads can help sales teams mobilize at the right time.  A numerical score can be assigned to different leads in different stages of the sales cycle for increased clarity as well as increased conversion rates.

Key Takeaways

Close sales faster by optimizing internal sales cycles.  Assign appropriate values for leads, and maximize conversion rates.  Make the sales cycle faster and more efficient to best support sales staff as well as overall business efforts.

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