How to Train For Success in the Business World

The world of business is somewhat of a ruthless playground where only the toughest and savviest kids get a go on the swing set. There are many small businesses in your vicinity right now that won`t be there in a few years. Too many would-be entrepreneurs jump into this world too quickly and without any prior training or preparation. If you want to be successful you need to train for success and acquire the right skills first - it`s like learning to swim in a swimming pool before jumping into the ocean. Here's how to train for success in the business world.

Learning about business administration and management

There is a marked difference between an intelligent man and a learned man, between a naturally talented individual and someone who spends hours honing his skills - you can have average leadership skills and a very basic understanding of business to begin with, but by applying yourself and taking the time to learn you will be able to take your business to the highest levels. Learning about business administration can be extremely beneficial for the young entrepreneur on the rise, since managing a small business means doing a lot of the hard work yourself, and the experience you get from almost single-handedly running a business will help you down the road.

Understanding what it takes to run a successful business and being able to utilize the most important tools and tactics - from creating complex spreadsheets to managing meetings and conferences - is an important foundation upon which to build your success.

  • Having a good understanding of IT
  • Hiring new people and giving out assignments
  • Letting go of the bad apples and promoting ambitious hard workers
  • Dealing with sales and marketing
These are all important aspects of management that a good businessman will have to learn about, and the more real world experience you get the better you will become at it.

Communication skills

Being able to effectively communicate our thoughts and knowing how to express ourselves in order to build rapport with others and get them to see things our way is a very important social skill and a self-preservation tool in the world of business. You also need to become acquainted with business jargon so you can mask your intentions in professionally-sounding, velvet-soft words, and so that you can see through the layers of polite speech and discover the real intentions of the people you are dealing with.

Since a lot of communication nowadays is done in writing, you will need to have to learn proper grammar and have a deeper understanding of the English language. There are formalized ways of writing and you will need to master the different forms.

Another aspect of communication is public speaking. You will be, at times, expected to address a small crowd of people, give a speech or make a presentation. Rhetorical skills are very important and a good leader is expected to be able communicate with his or her people in a concise manner. Work on these rhetorical skills every day while standing in front of a mirror, think carefully about what you are going to say and how you are going to say it, even playing around with different words and phrases for a few seconds before responding to a question.

Negotiation and conflict resolution skills The best advice I can give you here is to take a hands-on course in salesmanship at a local institution. Used car salesmen are second to none when it comes to negotiating and only good police negotiators can outmatch them. Conflict resolution is all about keeping a cool head, precise communication, making compromises and dealing with peoples tempers under a high-pressure situation. A good businessman should never let his emotions get the better of him - the Hollywood cliche of a top executive screaming his lungs out only works with low-level employees and is a bad move when dealing with people of equal caliber, business partners or high-level executives.

There are courses you can take and plenty of literature available online, especially on conflict resolution for police. If this information can keep a policeman from being stabbed or shot and used to talk down a dangerous criminal, it will be more than enough to help you settle an office dispute or maintain a less hostile environment during business negotiations.

Educating yourself and acquiring the necessary skills will take a bit of time, but it is essential. Before you can go out and start getting some real world experience, you will need to have a functional understanding of how things work.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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