How to Start a Construction Startup


Starting a construction business can prove to be one of the most lucrative business endeavors. Those businesses usually depend very much on the state of the economy as a whole, because financial security is essential for deciding to build or repair a home or an office.

It isn’t a business to be started without preparation, since it usually requires purchasing a lot of machinery and hiring highly skilled professionals. Before jumping into it, it’s best to make sure that there’s market that you can make yourself a part of.


Construction businesses are heavily regulated. Small business owners usually see this as a burden and unnecessary obstacle they need to overcome. Although there’s some truth to that, regulations are needed to ensure the safety of everyone involved in a construction project, including the owners themselves.

It’s best to hire an attorney to guide through the process of starting and licensing a company. It’s an additional expense that can be difficult for a new business, but it saves a lot of time and frustration. It also pays off to have an attorney that works with your company since day one, because it creates a relationship and a sense of loyalty.


Almost half of all small businesses fail within their first year. This is something to keep in mind when preparing a budget for starting a construction company. Taking out a loan means that you’re going to be stuck with paying it off even if the business isn’t profitable.

It’s important to prepare a budget that goes a bit above your needs for the first year. That way you can prepare yourself for unexpected costs that always come up, regardless of how organized you are. It’s also a good idea to have in mind that a budget isn’t a wish list, but a detailed plan of what your expenses and income is going to be in the year to come.

The equipment

Starting a construction business requires a lot of equipment, and this is the biggest obstacle for most business owners. It’s best to have a clear idea of what kind of projects the company will work on within a year, and purchase only the equipment you’re actually going to use on day-to-day basis.

There are a few pieces of equipment that you should buy right away, while other more expensive equipment may be rented on project to project base at first. For instance, it’s best to purchase a length stop for drills and saw, while the cranes can be rented at least at first.


Construction businesses often depend on personal connection and client referrals to find new business. This may have been enough years ago, but now even the smallest construction companies need to have a marketing campaign in place in order to stand out.

These campaigns don’t have to be expensive or oriented towards the clients directly. Industry oriented marketing campaigns can focus on only a few small publications and use them to create the contacts needed to expand the business and find new projects to work on. It’s also important not to neglect the use of social media in creating a brand.

Starting a construction company requires a lot of planning. It’s a business that relies on a lot of equipment and you need to make sure that you have the finances and the business plans in place before jumping into it.


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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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