How To Reduce Fleet Vehicle Operating Costs

Cutting your businesses vehicle operating costs can save you a large amount of money each year and here are some ways to do so.

1. Utilize Fuel Cards

One of the biggest expenses associated with operating a fleet of vehicles is the cost of fuel. If you can find ways to reduce this expense, you can save a lot of money. One of the best ways to control gas-related expenses is by using fuel cards.

These cards provide multiple benefits. For one thing, they make it a lot easier to keep tabs on exactly how much fuel is being used. They also make it easier to detect fraudulent activity. Using these cards practically eliminates the risk of drivers purchasing more fuel than they actually need.

The cards make it easy to track everything from how much fuel is being used to the different types of fuel that each driver puts in their vehicle.

2. Provide Driver Training To Promote Efficiency

Having your drivers make a few simple changes to the way that they drive can dramatically improve efficiency. Providing training that focuses on fuel-efficient driving habits can significantly reduce the cost of operating your fleet. In fact, studies have shown that the cost of fuel can be slashed by up to 15% per year simply by adopting driving habits that use less fuel.

Other simple ways to cut down on the amount of fuel that is used include checking the tire pressure regularly and shutting off the vehicle rather than allowing it to idle for long periods of time.

3. Plan Your Routes Carefully

The routes used by your drivers can affect the amount of fuel that is required to get them wherever it is that they need to go. Planning your routes with fuel efficiency in mind can help reduce the amount of money required to operate your fleet.

4. Make Repairs Whenever Possible

One of the easiest ways to save money on your fleet is by repairing parts when they break down rather than replacing them. If at all possible, it is almost always more cost-effective to repair the part instead of buying a new one.

5. Properly Maintain Your Vehicles

Regular oil changes and other ongoing maintenance can help keep fleet vehicles in great shape. Today's vehicles don't require oil changes quite as often as older vehicles. Read the owner's manual for each of your vehicles to determine how often the oil should be changed. Then, set a schedule and stick to it.

6. Insure Wisely

Insuring your cars wisely to get the best possible price is a smart start and can bring down costs. Many companies find that when they compared car insurance with Money Expert they cut costs

These tips will help cut fleet car costs and save you money.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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