How To Promote Your Business Through Pinterest

Forget Facebook and Twitter, those who are worth their mustard in the social media sphere are all about sharing more picturesque areas of their service or product using the latest platform, Pinterest. But where do you begin when it comes to making a splash on this image based social network?

How To Promote Your Business Through Pinterest

Like most networking favourites, Pinterest is Marmite for social addicts and businesses alike. This simple concept is based on sharing, liking and pinning the images we love from our own resources and other websites. Pinterest has fast become a flurry of link exchanges and free promotion for websites looking to get noticed fast in their particular industry.

If you are looking to get to grips with Pinterest, check out our 4 top tips for small businesses on how to promote your business through Pinterest.

Define Your Strategy

As with any professional social media activity it helps to have a strategy before you sign up and start pinning. Define the following details to ensure your pin campaigns are customer focused, goal driven and relevant to your overall business:
  • Do the customers you are looking to target use Pinterest?
  • If so, what do your customers want that can be delivered via your Pinterest activity?
  • What themes do you want to focus on whilst creating your boards to incorporate your customer’s wants and needs?
  • What do you wish to gain for your business from using Pinterest on a daily basis?

Create a Personalised Profile

Now it’s time to sign up and get started, however, it’s easy to skip the basics and create a poor profile in order to jump a few steps and begin pinning. Always put in the groundwork before inviting people to connect with you and your business. Create a detailed bio using unique content, i.e. content that hasn’t been copied and pasted directly from your website. Link your other social accounts and website to your profile, this allows users can delve further into your wider business whilst you benefit from increased traffic and subsequent sales.

Don’t Be Over Promotional

An over promotional pinner is one that receives few followers and generally does not fully engage with the wider Pinterest community. Using this social network to successfully enhance your business is all about ‘balance’. Whilst professional pinners are encouraged to share products from their own blog or website, you must make sure your products or blog posts aren’t all you are building your boards with. Follow boards that pin similar images to you and be an avid sharer of other people’s images before promoting your own pins.

Get the Timing Right

As we've discussed, knowing what to pin is extremely important but knowing when to pin is also something that perplexes many Pinterest users. Generally traffic builds on this social network after 12pm so aim to spend around 30 minutes during the afternoon of each working day sharing, liking and pinning your favourite images. Also, consider dedicating some time at the weekend to pinning on behalf of your business, Saturday morning in particular is a peak time on Pinterest; cut your lie-in short to reach as many people as you can and watch your business and its potential grow.

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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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