How to Prepare Your New Business’ Online Presence

If you’re launching a new business in 2017, you will have to take your online presence very seriously. No longer is it acceptable to simply set up a new website and leave it sitting idle. If this is your plan, you’ll be nowhere to be found on Google, and you better have some alternate strategy for generating new leads.

Today, being successful online refers to having an impressive website, a strong social presence and maintaining an active blog, all of which are more important than ever before. The last two factors are particularly important, and their potent combination as content marketing can help to spread your brand name like wildfire.

Building a social presence

When first approaching your social strategy, the first step you should take must be to identify the social networks which are most suited to your business. And my ‘most suited’, I mean the networks where your target market spends its time.

For example, Facebook is an ideal platform for consumer products, as it is largely dominated by consumers. On the other end of the spectrum, LinkedIn, designed for professional networking, will provide far more benefit to b2b businesses.

Once you have identified the most relevant social networks for your industry, set up your accounts on each, and complete your profiles to the fullest possible capacity. Make use of every aspect of functionality on the site, providing your visitors which as much information about your company as possible.

Maintain an active blog

Keeping an active site is an element of SEO which is very often overlooked by businesses. Writing fresh content takes time, and it seems to be further down the priority list than most other business activities. So much so, in fact, that it often gets neglected altogether.

Search engines, such as Google, value current and relevant content very highly, and a stagnant website will quickly be pushed down the rankings to make way for a more regularly updated site.

Establish a content strategy, detailing the types of content and the regularity of posts, and stick to it. If you have time to post twice per month, that’s not too bad. If you can squeeze weekly posts into your busy schedule that’s even better. The benefit will continue to increase as the frequency of posts increases.

Populate your site with engaging copywriting

There’s no point spending thousands on a brand new, modern website, if you are not willing to finish off the job with some interesting and compelling content for your visitors to read. Make sure your copy grabs the attention of your readers.

If you have a way with words yourself, then this is something which can be done without external assistance.  However, if you feel like you are not able to write your website copywriting to an adequate standard, consider employing professional copywriting services to help you out. If this is case, and your website is in English, be sure to hire native UK copywriters to ensure that your content is written flawlessly.

These are the basic foundations from which to grow your business online. There is a lot more involved in gaining online success, but this advice should certainly get you off on the right foot.

This article was written by Prime Digital, providers of web design, content marketing and social media marketing.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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