How to Plan Print and Digital Communications Effectively

It doesn’t matter what your company happens to do – whether it caters for B2B clients or B2C customers, whether it’s in the beauty or automotive industry, it’s vital that every single company out there plans and executes its communications effectively.

Let’s face it, many business owners are unsure how to approach communications effectively – and that’s exactly where digital marketing agencies come in. A creative digital agency can help you to plan and implement communication strategies across a range of mediums effectively for the best possible impact. It’s important for you to work closely with your print design agency to ensure communications always convey the correct message.

Synergy is crucial

Although communications might be running across different mediums, it’s important to establish a level of synergy between all of your company’s campaigns. Whether those communications come in the form of a flyer, or even an advertisement on a website. The design and branding needs to be consistent and uniform across all mediums – it needs to convey the same message and it needs to work towards the same brand goals. Consistency helps your brand to remain in the minds of the people exposed to your marketing, it makes them more likely to use your business (because if they don’t know about it or can’t remember it exists, they won’t become a customer) – it also helps to prevent confusion.

The key to planning and implementing an effective marketing campaign is to find the perfect balance between traditional print advertising, and of course digital marketing methods. Although companies are consistently spending more on their digital marketing campaigns, traditional advertising platforms through newspapers, on TV and over the radio are still effective and should not be overlooked. It helps to take time to understand your target market – you really need to get to grips with your demographic to ensure you're marketing to them in the most effective way.

Print complications

It’s easy for digital marketing agencies to preach about how uniformity and consistency are the keys to the success of your print and digital communications – the problem is that there are a few complications. The main complication is the fact that some designs that look great when published online tend to look very poor when actually printed out or displayed on TV. To that end, it’s important for all designs to be handed over to clients in vector format. This format is “lossless” – it can be made as big or as small as the client needs and it will still print out flawlessly. If a file is printed that isn't in the vector format, it’s prone to becoming pixelated – there’s nothing worse than pixelated images and logos on corporate marketing materials, it looks very unprofessional.

Any creative digital agency or print design agency worth their salt will understand the importance of a seamless switch between print and digital mediums. To that end, almost all designs that they hand over to you will be in a vector format, allowing you to publish those designs online or in print without having to worry about a loss of quality.

Ensuring there’s synergy between print and digital communication is extremely important in order to establish a uniform, consistent message for your customers. This can only be achieved with first class designs, high quality copy, and flawless print materials.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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