How to Order the Perfect Custom Tote Bag Customers Will Love

You may have decided that a cotton tote bag with your logo imprinted on the side is going to be your next marketing promotion, but how do you make sure that it just doesn’t go into the back of someone’s closet after your event? The whole value of a product like a custom tote bag is that it gives you free exposure while it is being used to carry other items. So let’s talk about some ways to make sure that people will carry your personalized canvas bag until it wears out.

Research has shown that 69% of people who receive promotional products will keep them if they are useful. You may think that bags are useful by nature, but for someone to carry your bag, it must be useful for their individual situation. Thankfully, promotional bags now come in so many different styles and colors that you can pick one that suits your customer exactly. You’ll be able to print your logo onto a bag that will be carried for a long time.

Here are some tips for ordering personalized bags that people will actually use:

1.      Make sure that your logo will look good on an imprinted canvas tote.

Your logo can’t be outdated, for example. Plus, if you were never fond of your logo in the first place, this is a great time to update it so that it looks current, improving the look of the bags it will be imprinted upon. Getting a new logo these days is inexpensive and fast, so there isn’t any reason to put it off any longer if this is something that you need to do.

2.      The bag itself should have something to do with your business.

For example, if you have a food store, get an insulated tote to keep frozen items cold. If you own a clothing store, a drawstring bag makes a great accessory.  When people think of printed bags, they generally think of book bags with an imprinted logo, but there are endless designs and materials available now. With a new logo and a customized bag, you are sure to have a promo product that people will carry for many years.

3.      Pick the right color for your promotional tote bag.

A personalized bag comes in almost every color that you can think of, so pick a color that reflects your business and how people are going to use it. For example, you might want to pick really bright colors for a drawstring bag for use by sports enthusiasts. A custom pattern bag is perfect for a high-end fashion aficionado; it can also serve double duty as an overnight bag. A clear bag can be used for toiletries. As you can see, an imprinted bag that is in line with your business will get used, and will increase brand awareness in the process.

4.      Pick the right materials for your custom tote bags.

In addition to almost every color, custom bags also come in many different kinds of materials including cotton, canvas, nylon, vinyl, plastic, and paper.  This means that you can design a heavy-duty custom imprinted tote that can hold all sorts of equipment if you have a sporting goods store. If you own a grocery store, you could order a custom paper bag with your logo on it, or have a special event where you give out gift bags. With the vast variety of bag styles available, you are sure to find a bag that will fit with any promotional event that you are having. Even better, these promo bags can be reused or recycled.

5.      Be sure to pick the right promotional event to get the most use out of your printed tote bags.

Studies have shown that while promo bags work well as standalone advertising, they work even better if they are used in conjunction with an event or other type of advertising campaign.

For example, if you are going to a trade show, you can give away imprinted bags with your logo so that attendees can use them to carry all of their other giveaway items around the show. A customized tote is perfect for a tradeshow as it is not only useful for travel; it also gets your name out more than any other giveaway at the show.  This strategy works anywhere that people are shopping and need a bag to carry their purchases, including purchases from your own company.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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