How to One Up Your Next Business Conference

Conferences are a prime-time location to meet new and established players in the market. They require a small financial investment but with it follows many benefits:

  • Promote products/services
  • Build upon the brand
  • Solicit feedback
  • Networking
The goal of the business is to get your name out there; what better way than to do so with people directly tied to your industry? Unfortunately, this mode of thinking goes the same with others that will appear at (the many) conferences which means it’s very important to stand out and be seen.

A great product/service and brand could lead to nothing if it’s not making the right connections with people that will help find its placement in the market. A few tweaks from a formal format of your booth can be the difference between landing fantastic joint-venture deals and being lost to obscurity.

Here are some of the ways your business can stand out next time you’re represented at a conference:

  • Get visual – Visuals are going to attract the eye first and foremost so it’s worthwhile to make your investment into this area since many other competitors will be doing the same. The look and feel of your booth should be coherent with the product/service you offer. Great signage, branded documents/reports, and foam board cutouts (check out Gator board printing for more info on this) are all great ways to give a tactile but visual impact feedback to those passing through. Catch them quickly with a sharp design and you’ll naturally lead them through your sales funnel.
  • Try swag – Many individuals coming through the conference floor love collecting what they gain from the booths (the swag). Not everyone collecting will become a customer but it’s still important to realize that those that are actively seeking conference swag often post about it on social media which, in turn, spreads the message of your brand. Sometimes a great mouse pad, pen, or even stickers are enough to keep people aware of what you have to offer; they may make a purchase order once they’re off the floor or many months down the line – what’s important is that you’re giving them something that’s a constant reminder that you have a product/service that solves their problem.
  • Interactive demos – Many competitors will be talking attendees ears off with what they have to offer but what people really want is to be shown what’s available. Being able to allow people at your booth to show up, feel, and actually use your product (even if it’s in alpha or beta format) is incredible for providing a unique and memorable experience. The goal is to hook them with a catch, immediately draw them into the trial, and then leave them with something to take away which answers itself (aka keep the demos to a scope which displays the product/service but doesn’t make it complicated or ask too many questions).
  • Diversity – Every conference is a unique experience and you should expect someone to write, video, or podcast something about their time when visiting your booth. Because followers of the brand and industry are keeping up they want to hear updates, revisions, improvements on feedback, and other tid-bits of information that shows your business is moving ahead. Basically: you need to give them a reason to subscribe to the brand. What better way to do that than changing it up with each conference? Try different demos, swag, displays, and pitches so if a reporter is covering your development it’ll give interested parties something to find and share rather than using each conference as a PR piece that could be simply scripted.
Conferences are intensive and require a great deal of effort but if you’re willing to take the time to invest in standing-out you are well on your way to being found; the opportunity may not always be apparent with each individual but it’s important you make the effort because you never know.

The use of these strategies will place you on a next-tier level when interested parties are perusing through the conference floor so be sure to give them a solid consideration.



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Thursday, 19 September 2019
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