How to Motivate Staff Through Employee Training


Training is an excellent and a proven effective tool for motivating your employees. Not only does training create numerous benefits for the company and the employer, but it also benefits the employees. Here's how to motivate staff through employee training:

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By developing your employees, you are making them more equipped and willing to perform the duties you set for them. 

‘’Knowing that training is important is the first step, but to make this effective, you have to do it right. Establishing a fine training program focused on your employees is the only way to effectively enhance their skills and make them more motivated to do their jobs’’ – says Drake Torres, an HR manager at

If you aim to maximize the motivation and work of your employees, you need an effective training program that also motivates them. Here are some suggestions:

1. Put the Employee First

Employee training will benefit your company if done right, but the essential idea behind it is to benefit the employees. Make sure you put this as a focus – investing in your employee’s development.

This also means investing in your company’s future, but the employee comes first. Therefore, your training program must put their preferences and needs into account if you want it to succeed.

2. Put an Emphasis on their Benefits

There's nothing worse than employees thinking that training is a waste of their time. Just explaining that the training is beneficial to the company’s work won’t suffice. People need a purpose they can benefit from. Think WIIFM, what's in it for me?

Maybe you can offer some awards or rewards, such as a bonus when the company reaches a large goal on foot of new processes that they have been in trained in. Or if they master the training then next performance review will take this into account for future reward.

3. Turn It into a Game

Training isn’t a game, but a bit of competition in the workplace cannot hurt. People like to compete, and games drive heightened attention, sustained focus, and more action. 

This doesn’t have to cost your company a lot. A small leaderboard with completed objectives and small rewards will make all the difference between training that’s ‘a waste of my time’ and ‘one that I must win’.

By combining slides and videos with games, quizzes, badges, and leaderboards, many companies are seeing a significant lift in comprehension during training.

4. Add Interactive Features

Spending hours listening to lectures while sitting down at a desk is not going to make training sound or be interesting. 

If you want to motivate them to go through training, you need to add a spark to it. Adding interactive features into the training program like videos, games, simulations, podcasts, and scenarios, all help to make the training motivating.

5. Make It Convenient

When planning training for employees, look at work hours and practices and try to make training opportunities as simple and convenient as possible. Scheduling the training activities outside of work hours is the most de-motivating thing you can do. People won’t like it and will resist it, so try to incorporate your program into their work schedule.

6. Team Up

Think how you can team employees up during training to increase engagement and foster teamwork. Break out groups are good for discussion during training sessions. And having teams present their thoughts to the rest of the group can make for some interesting insights. 

7. Show Employees You Value Their Training Efforts

Training is all about developing employees but it can be a good way to boost and demonstrate the value of employees as well as focus this toward the company’s success.

Make sure employees know that undertaking the training is adding value to their job as well as making them more valuable to the company. Your employee must know that you value their current knowledge, as well as the effort to improve on professional level.

8. Use Training to Make Their Work Easier, Not Harder

Training should boost the knowledge of the employee, but not make their work harder. Focus the training on helping them master skills they can use in their current role to help them save time, become more efficient and better at doing things. 

Training might focus on new technology you are creating, new products the organisation is creating, or new organisational processes that are being introduced to help make things easier for them and their team.

9. Enhance Individual Targeted Skills

The most successful training programs target the training towards an individual's skills and works towards enhancing them. Planning and identifying those individual skills that can be targeted is only going to make the training even more effective.

10. Show your employees that you care about their development.

If they feel like they can work on their goals with you by their side, they will start seeing training as a chance to enhance their career development long-term.

Hopefully some of these tips for how to motivate staff through employee training have been helpful as you plan your future employee training programs. 

Over to you now. Have you used employee training to motivate staff? What's been your experience? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Thursday, 14 November 2019
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