How to Market a Startup


There are countless startups being created every day, but only a handful of them turn to be multimillion-dollar companies that their creators have imagined. The difference between success and failure in the world of startups isn’t always about the quality of the product, but about the marketing campaign behind it.

It’s imperative to create a compelling marketing strategy for your startup right away in order to get ahead of your competitors and push through the first and the hardest months of running your own company. This doesn’t have to be that expensive, but it has to be well thought out and planned.

Focus on the benefit

Every now and then there’s a company that brings into the world a product that can’t be compared with any other. Most startups, however, have a lot of competitors to worry about and their marketing strategy needs to reflect that fact.

This doesn’t mean that the strategy should make a comparison with the others in your field, that’s often in bad taste and not always in your favor. Instead, focus on showcasing the benefits of your product without mentioning the competitors.

Choosing the right metrics

The goal of a marketing campaign should be to bring in profit. That’s sounds simple enough, but it doesn’t specify the details of the campaign and what makes it successful and lucrative. In order to do this, you need to define your metrics more precisely and to stick with them once you do.

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For instance, a marketing campaign focused on getting new customers to your business will be completely different than the one focused on selling a deluxe version of your products or services. Focusing on the metric that’s best suited to your business goal will make the campaign more efficient and less costly.

Online campaigns

Online campaigns need to follow offline marketing techniques and to complement them. Most of the time, in fact, online campaigns should come before those organized offline and be used to create hype around your company.  It’s the online campaigns that will provide you with the data about the customers, around which a marketing strategy can be created.

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Platforms for ecommerce website development allow you to change the interface of your website and to take control of administrative duties related to marketing without having to hire staff.

Focus on the customer experience

It’s not usually thought of in these terms, but customer service is a form of advertising. Most of the time, customers come into contact with your business when they are trying to get a hold of your customer service and that’s where you should make the first and the strongest impression.

There are two parts to this strategy. The easier one is to get on board with the newest technology and provide your customers with numerous ways of contacting you (embracing mobile apps is a big part of this). The second thing to do is find the best people available to handle customer interaction and thus represent your brand in all its glory.

Inside baseball

A big portion of your marketing efforts should be directed towards the clients and the customers, but it’s also important to have a separate campaign dedicated to your industry and those who matter within it. This campaign is always smaller and less costly, but it also requires a more nuanced and professional approach since it’s oriented toward those who know your industry pretty well.

It’s also a good idea to be a member of professional organizations and to attend events set up by those organizations. It’s an additional expense for a new startup, but these professional organizations are where deals get made.

Don’t shy away from coupons

Coupons don’t really sound like a new or inventive marketing strategy, but they have been around for years and they are still used by businesses of all sizes, which means they work. Coupons are what brings the customers to your shop or office and the rest is dependent on the quality of the services you provide.

E-coupons in the form of a QR code or a password number are also an option and they make the whole endeavor seem more sophisticated and modern.

It’s essential to organize your marketing efforts based on the customer niche you have carved for yourself. That way, your campaign can be suited to the actual needs and interest of your customers.


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