How To Make Your SME More Efficient in 2017

The cause of business inefficiency is a much debated topic, with various triggers thought to be prominent within specific industries. There are also contributing factors that are universally prevalent, however, with an underlying lack of clarity one of the most impactful and a particular concern for SMEs.

This can impact on every aspect of your small business, from the cultivation of a unique vision to the way in which employers communicate with their staff members.

In this article, we will look at how SMEs can tackle these issues and create a more efficient venture in 2017. For example: -

  1. Leverage Your Competitive SME Advantage Through the Use of Data and Technology
Typically, small businesses have a competitive advantage over larger organisations, in that they can react quicker to market or infrastructure changes and communicate more effectively with stakeholders, partners and consumers. This edge can easily be lost if it is not effectively leveraged, however, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through the use of data and technology.

In terms of data, this can be used to improve the efficiency of communication with employees and consumers alike. By collating accurate data and created detailed customer profiles, for example, you can optimise the relevance of your content and drive a higher ROI on your marketing spend. HR departments are now also gathering data to improve the efficiency of internal communication with employees, with a view to driving higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction.

The advent of technology also helps in this respect, as reliable networks, smart routers and analytical CRM programs can be utilised to share such information in real-time and across the whole business. All-in-all, these factors contribute to clearer and more concise communication, which is constantly accessible and available to every single stakeholder within the business.

  1. Increase the Efficiency of Your Software With Automated Testing
On a similar note, it is important to understand the growing influence of software in the modern business world. The way in which software is accessed has also proved beneficial to SMEs, as there has been a shift away from costly licensing agreements and towards accessible, cloud-based programs.

Operating multiple software packages simultaneously can still be challenging, however, as they must work in a seamless and compatible manner if they are to deliver a return on your investment. It is therefore crucial that you test them, although even then this can also be a costly and time-consuming process that disrupts your business.

The solution lies in test automation technology, which drives more efficient coverage and reduces the time taken to implement software packages. Outlets such as Sogeti accelerate this process through the use of advanced software tools, which enable you to save money and ultimately get the most out of your investment.

With this, you may find that your software packages become more of a hindrance than a help, as they inflate your cost base and undermine the fluidity of your daily operation.

  1. Create a Mobile Workplace That is Driven by Collaboration
There are now more than one billion smartphone users in the world, and the evolution of this technology has driven significant changes in the business world. This is particularly true in terms of how business market and sell their products to consumers, while an estimated 58% of global consumers having used their smartphone to purchase items.

SMEs should also look to adopt a similar approach within their business, however, by ensuring that employees communicate primarily through smartphones and tablets. This creates more efficient lines of communication, while making it easier for staff members to collaborate in real-time and regardless of their location. In simple terms, this creates a truly interconnected workplace that minimises the potential for lost revenue on a daily basis.

Make no mistake; this will drive more timely communication between the key stakeholders within your business, while the adoption of a networked voice and viable solution will also ensure that information shared through mobile can be easily retained and accessed at a layer date.

So there you have it; three simple ways of driving clarity and creating a more efficient business in 2017. 

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