How to Keep Up with Emerging Trends in Your Industry

Being sensitive to trends is very important to any industry especially in the realm of digital marketing.

But with so many tactics to experiment with limited resources, making time for strategy and trendspotting is often forgotten or not prioritized.

This post is written with the view to automate as much of the trendspotting process as possible.

The following list comprises of many tools you can use to have the latest trends and news brought to you in the most convenient fashion possible.


1. Feedly – RSS feeds for specific categories

Use apps such as Feedly to have a curated RSS feed of specific industry news, be it e-commerce, digital marketing or fintech.

In the event you come across an article that you want to read later, use Pocket to save it for later viewing.


2. Twitter – most of the latest news break out here

In most cases, the latest news usually breaks on Twitter before any other platform despite it’s decreasing appeal.

Oreo capitalized on this during the black out in the Super Bowl 2013 and had a content team ready for their famous “Can’t Dunk in The Dark?” ad.


3. TweetBot – curated Twitter feed

This app helps you curate distinct categories of people to follow so you can avoid all the noise and focus on the news you need.


4. Listen to podcasts

Due to its long form nature (and mostly interviews), there is usually a lot of industry insights and conferences you wouldn’t have known have you not listened to podcasts.


5. Networking

The latest and best information is usually found by meeting people face to face at conferences.

The best tactics are usually not publicly available.

Keep in mind to also share your best practices with them as well.


6. Read up on venture capital related blogs

Blogs written by investors provide insights not usually provided by practitioners.

Ben Horowitz’s blog is known in the startup world for that exact reason.

You can also subscribe newsletters from sites such as CBInsights.


In conclusion, to keep up with emerging trends:

  1. Use apps like Feedly to curate your RSS feed
  2. Watch out for the latest news on Twitter
  3. Use Tweetbot to curate your Twitter feed
  4. Listen to podcasts
  5. Networking
  6. Read up on venture capital related blogs.

*** This post was written by Ben Sim from iPrice Group.



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Saturday, 17 November 2018
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