How to Improve Employee Morale in the Workplace

The productivity of any organization is driven by the morale of the employees. Morale boosts productivity and it is essential for the employees to feel motivated. There are times when some of the employees might feel disgruntled and there might be times when more than some will have grievances which need to be addressed. A positive atmosphere in the workplace gives rise to productivity and increases performance.

So, how to improve morale in the workplace?

Here are some exercises to ensure your employees are motivated enough to put their best foot forward:

1- Appreciate the Efforts put in by your Employees

There is always a constant race to excel in the professional arena. Every employee desires to be the best. The amount of efforts put in by the team or individual professionals needs to be appreciated. Celebrating individual accomplishments or team achievements is the best mode to make your employees feel appreciated. For that:

  • Highlight the achievements: Show achievements of employees with a notice board or team circular. A thank you note will ensure your employees are motivated enough to take up the next challenge.
  • Reward achievements: Movie tickets or event passes are best to keep employees fresh and motivated.
  • Throw a party: Party doubles up a gift and a team building exercise. It does not necessarily have to be a huge rather fun-filled evening to celebrate the efforts put in by the employees.
2- Encourage Individual Passions

Is it volunteering for social causes or any artistic side which needs to be unraveled? Encourage employees to actively pursue their respective passion. Many have taken a leaf out of search engine giant to boost morale at a workplace. Google with its 20% rule allows employees to dedicate 20% of their working hours to pursue the respective passion. To boost morale by encouraging employees to pursue passion:

  • Highlight the other side of your employees through company blog or by holding creative activities. Let them organize and conduct the event.
  • Start a funding campaign to support professionals. A scholarship program for an event which has a benefit for the company can be a great way to integrate employees more closely with the company.
  • Identify passions and include it in your office working module. Say someone has an inclination to art and design, let them contribute to the company magazine.
3- Organize Potlucks or an Outing to a Restaurant

Food is the best therapy to get over the hectic schedule of meetings and office hours. Organize pot-luck or an outing to a fine dining restaurant. Create enough excitement at the workplace by following mentioned information:

  • Choose a convenient venue and set up a date and time.
  • Create a buzz by spreading the news in the form of pamphlets or other creative ways.
  • Tempt the employees by highlighting the activities planned to make sure everyone is excited enough.
What it does is take the stress out of the workplace. Everyone is motivated enough to complete their respective duties in time so as to enjoy the day set for an outing. Employees can socialize over food and discuss other things other than their office routine.

A once in a while team outing can be great fun. Sometimes ordering a pizza or some snacks can bring a smile on the face of your employees. The more happy employees are, the more refreshed and motivated will the employees be.

4- Inspiration Should Flow From Within the Workplace

Inspire employees to seek their true potential. An inspirational lecture from a motivational speaker or an employee sharing their story can inspire employees to stay in a positive state of mind. It helps employees to connect with their aspirations and their ultimate goal to excel in professional life.

De-motivation can be a result of missing deadlines or any failure on part of the employees. Besides inspirational activities give positive feedback to overcome the failures and provide assistance to deal with the task at hand.

5- Develop Strong Relations

Know your employees, their likes or dislikes. It will not only make them like the boss but also pave way for better relations. At the end of the day, you are a team, a cohesive team working on the same task to achieve success. Knowing individuals on a personal level creates a better team environment. Especially, at a time of distress, it can be fruitful to lend that supportive hand. Here is how a boss can establish strong relations with the employee:

  • Spend some time with the employees over a coffee break. Take a break from the office routine and talk about anything from sports to personal likes or dislikes or just the favorite movie which your employees enjoy.
  • Include families in the conversation. A caring boss knows the personal difficulties an employee is facing. Hear them out and offer suggestions which can be helpful.
  • Try to keep the conversations friendly and do not shy away from sharing a personal experience or two.
The workplace has to be a place of close-knit professionals who care for each other. Establishing strong personal relations with the employees serves as a strong motivation for the employees. Get over any inhibitions if any and create a friendly environment.

6- Use Social Events or Other Days to Plan Theme Days

Employees should feel motivated enough to come to a workplace. A theme day gets the employees excited to arrive with full of enthusiasm. The whole buzz gets changed when everyone is happily socializing over the dress one is wearing or recognizes some character from the films. Employees are more inclined to work for better and give productive results amidst a fun-filled environment minus any negativity.

Some of the exciting themes which can be used to make corporate event amazing are: 

  • Everyone loves movies. Create movie themed event wherein everyone dresses up as their favorite movie character.
  • Create holiday vibes by letting up everyone dress as they would on their vacation. Give formals or professional attire a rest. Just ensure that you take out the beach wear out of contention.
  • Cultural events can be used to plan entertaining activities.
Improving morale of your employees needs not be taken up as a task. It is a time when you let them feel motivated enough to work with to their full potential. So, be it organizing theme days or going out with your team for a dinner. Just make sure that everyone is having a good time and is able to recharge their batteries.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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