How to grow your business

A company is an organic thing, and business owners want to see it grow. In this post I outline some handy tips on how to grow your business.

Every business is different, depending on its aspirations, industry, and target markets. To get a business to thrive, it takes meticulous strategy, organisation, and alertness to what competitors are doing to enhance their own company. It’s important that your business is ahead of the game to ensure that it can continue to provide excellent products and customer service.

How to grow your business

Build a Website

Whatever your field, websites are the perfect platform to market and showcase your business. Do it right, and it can be the key to driving in more costumers. If you do it wrong though, and find yourself with a boring or unprofessional site, it may do your business more harm than good, so enlist the services of a web designer and writer with search engine optimisation (SEO) awareness. This way, your website will be easily found through search engines, encouraging more people to visit and discover more about the service or products you offer.

By making it easier to do business with you, customers are more likely to come back for more. If you consistently provide fantastic services, you will develop a loyal consumer base.


By starting a blog, you can become a source of authority. If you share tips and knowledge about subjects in your field, customers will trust you and come to your website for information. More traffic equals more revenue.


Network online via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Locally, meet with similar businesses who could promote your product.

Tell a Friend

Begin a referral program. Incentivise it by offering customers rewards for recommending your business to an acquaintance – this can include discounts or free samples.


If your company has the capacity to hire more staff, do it! Growth starts in the office. New employees bring along fresh ideas and skills beyond your current means.

Widen Your Target Market

Keep your core target market happy at all times, but see if you can expand to wider demographics. Businesses that are too niched have fewer customers to bring them profits. Conduct market research to see if you can offer a service to new customers. This may mean making your products purchasable internationally.

Keep Things Fresh

A business can get stuck in the rut of performing the same stagnant services. Jazz things up by introducing new products that fit your business goals and keep your customers interested.

Use Technology

Stop using your time to perform tasks that your computer could take care of. Technology can help your organisation and efficiency. Do not spend excessive amounts of money on technological solutions, but utilise what you have well.

Listen to Your Customers

You must really listen to your customers – they are the foundation of your business, and if they go, you go. Get over your fixation on your company, and start surfing the web – people are posting, tweeting, and blogging all the time – take their complaints and satisfactions on board. Give your existing customers your full attention.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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