How to Get Your YouTube Videos Noticed

YouTube is the most successful video sharing site today with staggering 33 million unique viewers in the UK alone (that’s about half the population). It’s not surprising then that YouTube is a hugely competitive market place that many brands are still struggling to exploit. In this post I'll gove you a few pointers on how to get your YouTube videos noticed.

One of the main problems brands face with YouTube video marketing is getting their videos noticed in the first place. Creating great content is all well and good but unless people find your content you’ll never create the next viral YouTube video.

But there are certain measures and strategies you can take to increase your chances of being found amongst this sea of video.

Social media

Social media is the perfect platform to promote your YouTube videos. It is easily and readily accessible. If your business is yet to make its own social media profile, then now is definitely the time to do so.

The main problem with social media is that businesses are reluctant to engage in it as it is time consuming and the results are uncertain and largely unmeasurable. But bite the bullet and invest the time into building a decent social media presence across all the major video referring platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Pinterest) and you could find the effort pays dividends.

The ability to start and become involved in discussions about your content is unparalleled in its potential to promote respect and kudos for your brand and company. Good marketers should be actively promoting healthy debate and asking others whether they like or dislike your videos. Social media allows you to put a human face on your company.

Always make sure you embed the video on your own website as well as YouTube and always include social sharing buttons, to promote awareness of your social media presence and to encourage sharing within these platforms.

Video SEO

Good Search Engine Optimisation practices will help to improve your video rankings amongst search engines such as Google or Bing. Take extra care when producing a title for your video, as this is what will show up when your video appears in the search engine results pages. It is also a strong indicator to Google of what your content is actually about. Titles should be short and quickly catch people’s attention, enticing them to watch your video.

In your video description make sure to include your company’s website; another necessity that helps people click through directly to your website.

You then need to enter some tags which will serve as keywords to Google’s spiders so make sure these are a single word or phrase and are pertinent to your content. It’s important to use keywords associated with your product or service, and those your potential clients are likely to use when on search engines to find similar products and services to yours. Also remember to include tags with your business name as well as these will help your videos rank with direct searches made on your company name.

You could even take the time to research your tags using Google’s Keyword Planner tool which will help you identify which keywords have the potential to drive the most traffic to your site.

Another important feature to consider is the thumbnail image. Images of people or of the particular product you are selling are the most effective but using images that seem to pose a question or imply mystery can be extremely effective ways of baiting people. Choose those you feel your target audience will appreciate.

Keep up with trends

Pay attention to the latest video marketing methods and trends and make sure you adapt your video marketing appropriately. For example YouTube has recently launched a new offline feature, allowing consumers to view videos whilst offline for up to 48 hours. Facebook has also come up with a new way to make the consumer experience a lot more user friendly by playing videos on your newsfeed automatically on mute, encouraging consumers to turn the volume up and watch more video content directly on their newsfeed.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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