How to Get Your Startup Plan Off The Ground

How to Get Your Startup Plan Off The Ground

As the saying goes “great things come from small beginnings”, every big company we know today like Facebook, and Google started as a startup. Most of them began with just a small budget, limited manpower, and few to no investors at all. If you're currently in the process of building a company, struggling is normal, even tech giants such Apple went through that very challenging phase. So, if you think that it’s impossible, it’s actually not.

Apple: The Tech Behemoth with Humble Beginnings
Before stepping foot on the vast Apple mega center in Cupertino, California, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak began working in a garage where the latter built the first Apple computer. Wozniak sold it to a computer store where he got a small fortune to create more computers.

Both founders gained more fortune as they developed more computers which led to the company that we know and love today. One thing we can learn from these innovators is that you can build your first product even with a shoestring budget. Though you need to find a niche in the market and come up with a product that’s never been offered before.

Ways Budding Entrepreneurs Can Kickstart a Business
Indeed, Apple’s story when on its nascent stages is inspiring. They found success not only because they saw a need that was not addressed but also because they had the skills to offer the best solutions. If you want to follow their footsteps, keep in mind that there’s no standard procedure in order to successfully build a startup. But here are some things that will help guide you to starting your business.

1. Create a product that sells

This requires creativity. Of course, you wouldn’t be venturing into a business if you haven’t come up with a brilliant idea that will prove to be profitable, to say the least. The reason why most of the well-renowned companies today are as famous as they are now is because they managed to do or create first what others haven't. The secret of most products that are a hit in the market are simple: they’re useful and they make sense! Simply live by that idea and surely, the least that could go wrong is that competitors will be doing what you do.

2. Leverage the power of the internet

Budding entrepreneurs today utilize the power of the internet to get feedback, gain engagement, build their brand, know their customers, and improve their business. Gone are the days when the traditional business process was the thing. Today, everything is influenced by mobile technologies and the internet - Google, social media, PR sites, etc. Learn how the entire process works and apply it to your business strategy. If you get funding from investors, you could hire experts in this field. Big time businesses today spread their resources on Google and social media because that’s where people are now in this information technology era.

3. Build your network

All successful entrepreneurs didn’t just start their business without making any connections with other people. Connections are everything! From hiring the right people to getting a funding for a willing investor who believes in your visions. Connecting with advisors, industry veterans, mentors, experts, and like-minded individuals will open better opportunities for your growth as an entrepreneur and your business’ development to suit your target market. In order for you to build a network, join different conferences, seminars, and conventions that are inclined to your business. This is where you’ll meet people who can provide you the opportunity to grow your business. Go to these events and try to establish a connection with 2-3 persons. Eventually, you’ll build enough connections that will serve as your resources for ideas, funding, and development.

4. Get Referrals

The beauty of establishing a network with connections from different business players is that it can work for you in the long run. Referrals are the new networking strategy of today. While there are some entrepreneurs who meet prospects over a cup of coffee, others seek prospects through other people. That’s the beauty of networking, once you’ve done your fair share of work to build it, it will then work for you through referrals.

5. Get startup funding from investors

For budding entrepreneurs, this may be the most daunting task because it’s not easy to convince people in believing in what you do and pay you for it. However, there’s never a shortage of investors who are also looking for potential startups. That’s why you should attend as many relevant events that you could attend, and if possible engage in these events by co-hosting it or at least being visible to the crowd.

Starting out doesn’t have to be grand, all it takes is a few but consistent steps forward. Following the mentioned steps does not guarantee you success but it will sure move you closer to your goals. If others were able to succeed with limited resources, so can you.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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