How to Get Your Idea to the Store Shelves?

It’s no secret that we live in a world that’s over-crowded. Creating something that will bring you a ton of money isn't impossible, but it’s getting harder to get there than it used to be. If you’re thinking about starting something on your own for a while now, you've probably started noticing unconsciously a couple of repetitive news you hear all around you, like “a brand new millionaire”, “head-spinning success” or “unexpected rise of popularity” which all prove that the thing you desire is possible to achieve. But – of course – there’s a process of getting there.

Let your idea grow

Every idea needs some time to grow, so you need to give it some time. The key to creating something that will sell like crazy is in creating a new human need, something that people didn't even know they needed until you've came and opened their eyes. This may seem a bit cruel, but success rarely comes to those who are faint-hearted. The competition is tough, and you need to be prepared for it.

So, the growth or your idea occurs in your head, but don’t be that confident not to do anything else about it. It’s very important to visualize it and make it real, and a simple sketch will do. Once you see your idea in front of you, it’ll be easier to notice its disadvantages; and when you have them established, you’ll be able to find different ways to upgrade it in order to make it sellable.

During this procedure, it’s necessary to open up your mind, and what better way to do it than - Google. Everything you need is there – ways to improve it, similarities with other products, stimulants for inspiration and brainstorming and so on.

Step no 2 – prototype

It takes some time from finalizing your idea to creating the first prototype. There will be times when you’ll get disappointed and discouraged, but overcoming these feelings is actually what makes a businessman tick – it’s always darkest before the dawn, right? Overpassing that obstacle in order to get the first version of your idea right in front of you is actually a huge step forward. That’s when you can test it and work on future improvements – and trust me, you’re going to need some. No matter what kind of product you plan on creating, you can’t see all its flaws until you get it all ready and running.

Working on your prototype will probably require working  or consulting with a team of experts. This part won’t be easy, especially if you have no similar experience, but it will definitely upgrade your people skills and teach you a couple of new things you’ll need later on. Just try not to hesitate when you find something unclear, and stay open minded when it comes to hearing out some new ideas.

Patenting, Certification & Funding

There’s no need to rush into these steps, especially if you feel like you’re not there yet. But, when you realize there’s nothing more left to work on, there’s no point in delaying it. You should start with getting a patent so you can make sure that you possess all the rights which will enable full protection for your product. If your idea needs to go through security testing, the next thing to do is getting a certification which proves your product is ready and safe to use.

The tricky part may be finding sponsorship, but this shouldn’t be that difficult if you’ve went through the steps above thoroughly. The current big thing is crowdfunding, which comes side by side with making your brand official and sharing it with wide audience.

The final step – marketing

Speaking of audience, you’ll need a bit more than just your product to make a good start here. We need to get back to our market being over-crowded. You should definitely consider consulting a creative team which is able to equip you with a fresh approach which will get your audience crazy for what you have to offer. The actual step of getting a product into stores may look like the simplest one, because you’ve already went to a whole lot of trouble, but this is the time to be careful and choose your moves smartly. In order to be really thorough, you should check out the extension of this story, which is equally important as this part.

In the end, we can only advise you to take your time. Good things will come to you as a reward for your hard work, it’s just a matter of time.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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