How to Get What You Want in 2015

So you are taking a break from work, eating all around you (well, I am anyway) and you are starting to think about the year ahead. Most small business owners find it very difficult to switch off over the Christmas season. So let’s do something productive which might help you.

There isn’t much activity on Twitter and Facebook over the holiday season so use this time wisely. Schedule some important tweets to keep you visible but in the meantime, I highly recommend doing some planning for next year.

What do you want to achieve this year? Write on your notice board or in your diary what would be your biggest goal for this year.

Some of the things I will be thinking about will be:

More sales – We would all like this

Expand my network:  Make more contacts and create more leads – Interact more on social media….be interested in others, assist others where you can. Share your knowledge and show you are the expert in what you do.  Trust me, the sales will come. People WILL notice you.

Find a better work/life balance – This one is here every year for me!

Learn something new – I intend to go to a few workshops myself. I am always learning….and want to learn more.

Outsource or use the wonderful products that are out there to help you save time. E.g. Big Red Cloud online accounting software is one I’ve tried recently.  I can do all my invoices this way and keep track of my accounts.  My accountant will love me this year!

Raise my profile – For example with good PR you could appear on radio or TV with your business.  See my top tips for getting your start up noticed Here

How do we do this?

Plan Ahead. This doesn’t have to a fivc pager. Use bullet points.

Visualize it.

Write it down on your whiteboard or notice board.

Go for it! – Take the first steps by booking that workshop or booking that conference Today.

Stop hanging out with negative people and surround yourself with those who know what you are about and ‘Get’ what you do

Start interactiing more on Twitter. Get involved in hashtag chats and networking online like #irishbizparty etc

Think less of ‘Self’ and more about others. Reach out to others who need a helping hand 

Go to your diary and put some time in it for networking or learning.

Reach out and ask for help. Ask your network to recommend you.Ask your network to keep an eye out for opportunities. Someone you know might often go to events abroad for example or might be asked to recommend a speaker. So ask them to help get you on the radar.  It is assumed that you already assist others in this way of course!

Here are some things I would like to do in 2015:

Go to a conference outside of Ireland

This would be a challenge for me as I hate flying and have never been to an event outside of Ireland yet I really enjoy them.  I know so many people on Twitter I am sure I will find one that I won’t have to go to alone!  The more events you go to and the more you learn the wider your network becomes.  The more people you know and relationships you build, the more likely you will be recommended by others!

Networking Events

Attend more networking events locally.

Increase my team and services

I am building a team around me of trusted, on the ball, highly skilled people who I can depend on to assist me.  This means that I can offer more services besides just Twitter marketing.  Now we will be able to offer video, Facebook, Google +, Blogging etc.  It will also give me more freedom to go to networking events to let people know what we do!

Lose weight

….oh think that is a personal one lol – Is on my mind though. When you are speaking or teaching in front of a room full of people it’s hard to look good when you are worrying is your big tummy sticking out!

Speak at a big event

I often do speaking moments but it would be pretty cool to be able to speak at a major event especially in another country!

The next Irishbizparty conference to be bigger and better than last year!! Save the date …April 15th Dublin. More details soon!

What are YOUR aims for 2015?

Let me know. Or if you want to help me achieve my wish list, get in touch!  My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Watch this space for developments throughout the year. Including a new website and new services coming soon!! Happy New year and thank you for your support always.



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