How to Get Employees to Brag About Your Business

Research has shown that the key to getting your employees to brag about your business isn't your services or products - it's your engagement. Interestingly enough, when an employee feels engaged at work, there is a 96% chance that he/she will give their job nothing less than their best effort.

If you can help each one of your employees feel engaged and appreciated, imagine the effect this could have on the quality of your products, services, and customer relationships.

Earning appreciation and respect from your employees isn't easy, and there are a number of things you will need to do to get them excited about their jobs. These are the best strategies for essentially get your employees to brag about your business.

  1. Give your employees goals and possibilities for advancement. It's hard for employees who have no hopes for advancing within your business to actually get excited about their jobs. Lack of goals and initiative will kill an employee's drive faster than anything else. Spend some time working with your HR department to determine how to develop career paths for all staff members within your company.
  1. Reward and acknowledge a job well done. A recently released study showed that just over 51% of surveyed employees felt appreciation from their bosses and employers. "Employee of the Month" programs are no longer sufficient enough to show staff members that they matter; true recognition genuinely comes through the form of immediate feedback on their work. For example, when you find yourself impressed with an employee's initiative or quality of work, take the time to personally tell them or to reward them with any number of creative employee appreciation ideas that you can think up. The instant gratification can be influential for said employee. The gratification will encourage continued good work and initiative.
  1. Make your employees your top priority. Customers will come and go over the years, but employees are generally solidified in your company. This is why it's incredibly important to cherish your valuable employees. Provide flexible scheduling, and don't shy away from letting them handle some of the decision-making process. You can dramatically increase employee engagement by treating them as human beings rather than work mules hired to simply fill a position. You will find that morale will be much higher, and your employees will have many good things to say about your business inside and outside of the office.
  1. Don't harness the voice of your employees. To utilize this tip, you must recognize that your employees have the potential to offer useful insight to your business operations. You might want to begin using a suggestion box in your office, or you could even hold a bi-weekly staff meeting to discuss areas for improvement. Your employees might simply want an extra break or certain new technology to perform their jobs more effectively. Taking these suggestions into consideration lets your employees know that you care and that you're listening. This will resonate very well with your staff.
  2. Blur the lines in your company hierarchy. In most businesses, there is a great divide between upper management and basic crew members. Each employee, regardless of position or title, needs to be accessible to all other employees. Of course, you don't want to forfeit the general hierarchical organization of your company. However, you want to create an environment that makes it obvious your company values each and every employee.
When it comes to engaging your employees, it doesn't have to be a mystery. You can help your employees understand that you care about them by using any of these strategies. Before long, you will have a strong team of dedicated individuals who take pride in their jobs and ultimately brag on their employer.




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Tuesday, 19 March 2019
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