How to Generate Sales From Content Marketing

We all need to create content but are you strategic about it?

Is your content marketing generating you sales for your business?

Content marketing is strategic marketing where you attract and impress your target persona with valuable and useful content which leads to more awareness, interest and profitable action.

Let's take an example of a blog post.

You create a blog post to attract your ideal customer.

How do you go from creating that piece of content to generating a sale?

Here are 6 tips.

1. Get visitors to opt in to your email list

Over 70% of visitors to your website will never come back so you need to capture their details to continue to market to them.

Offer your website visitor something of value to encourage them to hand over their email address.

This could be a free trial to your product or service, a guide, a coupon etc.

Email is a very effective tool for ongoing promotion.

2.  Pixel your audience.

A pixel is just a piece of code you add to pages on your website for tracking visitors.

Even with the email subscribe option the majority of visitors will still not hand over their details so you need an alternate approach.

When someone visits your website you can track them as a visitor and then retarget them with an advertisement days or months later.

When you spend all that time and money bringing visitors to your website you need to maximize the value.

An example of pixeling your audience is with Facebook.

On Facebook you can get a Facebook pixel (which is just a piece of code) you add to every page of your website.

From then on Facebook will capture all visitors that match up with Facebook users in a list.  You can then target all or segments of that list.

3. Make an offer

When someone does sign up via email what is wrong with making them an offer?  You bring them to a screen which offers them a product or service.

A trip wire offer is a low value offer to convert your visitor to a customer.  We all know it's much easier to sell to a customer than someone we don't know.

Here's some examples of a trip wire offer:

  • If you're a consultant maybe they will buy your book?
  • If you're a trainer maybe they'll buy your entry product?
  • If you're a software company maybe they'll sign up for a free trial for a euro?
4. Follow up with that offer

How many times have you bought after the second or third attempt from a sales guy?

Online is no different.

If they don't buy your offer you can  target them via email or through retargeting.

Your conversion rates will typically double with a good follow up sequence.

5.  Add more value

If they still don't buy then continue providing them more valuable content through an email auto responder series.

Just because they are not ready to buy now it doesn't mean that they won't buy in the future.

6.  Offer new products

At a later stage you can come up with new offers.  If they show interest in this offer (e.g. visiting the offer page) then put them into this new funnel!

Content marketing is a massive opportunity to generate more sales if you know all the tricks!

Content Marketing Mastery

On the 31st of May in Dublin the Content Marketing Mastery conference is on.  This is the first conference of it's kind globally where we take you from building a content marketing strategy all the way through to building sales funnels.

The conference speakers is myself and Mark Schaefer who were recently listed in the top 50 content marketers globally by Onalytica.

Check out Content Marketing Mastery




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Monday, 22 July 2019
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