How to Generate Insurance Leads

Selling insurance is a numbers game. The more leads you have coming at you, the more sales you are going to make. However, keeping a steady flow of leads coming down the pipe is a formidable task even for a seasoned agent. For a new agent, getting that flow of leads going is a daunting task. However, by efficiently utilizing a number of sources to generate leads, your pipeline can be kept flowing to near capacity. Here's a few tips on How to Generate Insurance Leads...

Purchasing Leads

Over the last five to ten years the practice of purchasing insurance leads online has gained popularity among insurance agents.  The difficult part is finding a reputable lead generating service.  A good service will have a number of filters which will allow you to refine the leads that will give you the best chance of success.

The most precious asset an insurance agent possesses is their time. Purchasing leads guarantees that you won’t be spending that precious time out generating leads for yourself. However, you will spend money purchasing leads, so there is a trade off. This often dissuades newer agents from utilizing this form of lead generation.

Have a Web Presence

Increasingly individuals are relying on the Web to find information before making a purchase, including insurance. Why not take advantage of this trend. Since your potential customers are online educating themselves on your product, shouldn't you be the one educating them?

Use your Web site or blog as a means for promoting yourself as an authority. If you provide helpful information without coming across as overtly trying to push your product, visitors to your site will view you as a trusted authority.  Write articles that inform and help educate your potential clients. Then spread the word through your other online outlets such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, or Face Book.

Managing your social media will provide you with more opportunity to interact and build a relationship with prospects. Make sure it is easy for individuals to contact you. If you haven’t started using this avenue to generate leads, you should look into it immediately.

Cold Calling

This tried and true method is not as popular as it once was. But if you have a list of prospects and a phone, you have an opportunity to generate some sales. With the recent do-not-call registry, it is more difficult than before to get a hold of private residents. However, when you come across that one sale you will realize it is all worth the trouble.

Direct Mail Campaign

This is another avenue that will cost you money to get up and running.  It is, however, a favorite means of insurance agents because it allows them to always speak with people that have at least some interest in their product. Potential clients will have a number or email that they can use at their own convenience.

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Monday, 22 July 2019
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