How to Generate an App Idea for Your Business

If you have an excellent idea to help people out, and it could be used by people on their personal devices, then you should seriously consider creating an app. Coming up with these sorts of ideas can be really difficult, but if you invest your time and energy deeply enough, you can certainly come up with a creative idea that could be successful. It takes time, but knowing where to start will really accelerate the speed at which your app gets to the market. This article suggests some ideas on how to generate an app idea for your business.

Be patient with yourself

With a lot of this advice, it’ll probably be things that you want to get out and try immediately. However, allow yourself some time to come up with a good idea. The more time and energy that you devote to carrying out your idea, the more thought-out and clear the project will be. Spending time during the beginning to set up a solid design will help you to know where you’re going and how you can improve on your project.

Muse on the mundane

The first stage of getting an idea for your app is figuring out an area in which you can improve, or generate something that is completely new. One of the first things that you can do is take note of things that you do throughout the day. Take special note of the things that you do online multiple times a day. If you are repeating some online process or looking at the same things over and over, then this might be a good area to start considering how an app could help you out. Don’t overlook some of the finer details of your daily routine; it is often the things that seem small, boring, or ordinary that can be automated or put into an app.

Work on coding, and talk with developers

Spending time at the computer trying to figure out the fundamentals – the skeleton, really – of how your project is carried out will really help you to get a better perspective of what kind of improvements you can make. For instance, a friend of mine had an idea for an app that would help people in a specific geographic region know what sort of social events, concerts, and activities were going on each night of the week. His idea didn’t take shape completely until he was able to sit down and practice some of the basics of coding, as well as talking with some of his friends who are developers. By doing this he got a better idea of where he could take the app, and how it would be carried out. Spending time thinking about the detailed organization and layout of your app idea might be the best investments of your time.

Visit with possible customers

Some of the first customers of your app will likely be family and friends. They’ll do it out of loyalty, but they could also be some of the best advisors for your first idea. Start by talking with them about problems that they wish could be solved through automation. As them about things that they wish that their phone could do, or ways that the apps they use could be improved. By doing this you’ll get a lot of good feedback to consider for your first app, and they might even give you the seed that sprouts into your big idea. Talking with them along the process will also help you to work through any of the roadblocks that you might encounter after you have your idea, and you’re investing in trying to make it a reality.

Overall, when you look within the smaller details in your life and seek advice from other people who have more knowledge in specific areas (such as development and coding), you’ll be able to build a more creative and functional app. It will be scary at first, but eventually it gets pretty fun and you’ll get the hang of it.

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Monday, 22 July 2019
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