How to Ensure Your Small Shop is Ready for Higher Customer Traffic


Many small businesses are often in survival mode in the first few months or years that they are a company. As these businesses begin to bring in more customers and start turning a profit, they may find that they aren’t quite ready for all the traffic their new success is creating. For this reason, businesses need to be proactive in the ways they scale up. Business owners should consider the following tips when preparing for higher customer traffic.

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Expand Aisles and Create Space

Limited space inside smaller shops means smaller aisles for customers to shop through. While this aisle size may not be an issue for shops with fewer customers, not having wide enough aisles isn’t feasible for higher customer traffic.

Small business owners expecting to bring in more traffic should start by redesigning their shop layout to ensure all customers have adequate space to look at displays, roam the aisles, and shop for what they need. 

Use Clear Signage

While some business owners may see signage as an unnecessary accessory to their shops, this couldn’t be further from the truth. An average of 68% of customers truly believe the signage a business uses reflects the quality in its services or products. To this end, smaller shops will miss out on the power of signage if they have no signs at all or if their signage isn’t particularly clear.

Ideally, shops should use signage that clearly shows customers where to go, how to find what they’re looking for, and how to complete their purchase. 

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Design a Fully Equipped Checkout

The defining factor in a shop’s growth from small business to a rapidly growing company is the customer’s overall experience. Small business owners that aren’t prepared for a large rush of customer traffic may not have the most efficient methods for checkout. Customers that have to wait in long lines or deal with unsafe methods of checking out will likely not be coming back. This is why it is so important for companies to use more effective methods for checking out. 

Effective checkout methods can take on several different forms, depending on the business. Ideally every business should have a cash register with barcode scanner and a POS system. Both of these additions allow a business to perform transactions much more quickly and safely than they would be able to otherwise.

Improve Staff Availability

There’s nothing that is quite as aggravating to a customer than not being able to find the assistance they need at the time they need. For small businesses, staff availability and quality customer service can be the difference between making a sale and losing a customer forever. Instead of struggling to deal with a sudden rush in customer traffic, businesses should already have a plan in place to provide every customer with the quality service they need. 

Growing as a small business isn’t easy. By preparing for this growth in the best way possible, businesses will be able to keep scaling up and take their best customers with them.

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