How to Eat Healthy during Your Office Hours


9-to 5 office jobs are quite tiring, and it sometimes gets difficult to find something healthy to eat in between. Today, the job style is also changing, and people are doing different shifts; so, staying healthy has become even trickier. As a result, you get weak, and your unhealthy eating habits only increase lots of health problems. Many of you, specifically women skip breakfast as they need to meet several household tasks before getting ready for the office. They don’t even get time to eat something before going to the office.

Maximum office goers have lunch outside, and there is no fixed timing of having food. And when they eat, they prefer a burger, noodles, pizza, and several other fast foods that are easy to eat and not at all time-consuming. Such food habits for 10-12 hours can only lead you to obesity, heart problems, high cholesterol, sugar and lots of other health issues. And at very early age, you get all these troubles.

What will you do with all those money and possession when you won’t have a healthy body to enjoy those? That’s why you should plan something is eating healthy during your office hours. Today, you will get certain tips to know how to eat healthy while you are at the office.

1. Start Your Day Healthy

Once you start healthy, you can maintain it throughout the day. Have a cup of green tea at morning that can give a kick start to your metabolism. And when your metabolism is high, you stay energetic that helps you to lose weight. You can also carry a flask with green tea and take sips in between your work. Having green tea 2-3 times a day can keep you moving throughout the day. You can also carry tea bags and dip those into a cup of warm water and stay afresh.

2. Pack Homemade Foods

There is no better option than carrying homemade foods with you while going to the office. Taking homemade foods is economical and also healthy as you avoid spices and ingredients that are used in the foods from outside. There are lots of easy recipes which you can prepare faster, even at the office going hours. From economically to environmentally, having homemade foods have lots of similar benefits. Also, you can get more varieties while you have homemade foods. Take yourself or pack for your husband to take the best care of their health.

3. Say ‘No’ to Junk Foods

This is one of the essential things you need to do to stay healthy and eat well during your office hours. In many offices, snacks like chips or other types of fries are stored. Try to avoid those as such foods only kill your hunger and increase your craving to have these more. You should never have fast foods like burger, patties, pizza, etc. as those only make you unhealthy and play a major role in causing diseases.

4. Have Fruits

Fruit bowls can save you from health issues that can happen due to unhealthy habits. Often you don’t get time to eat a complete meal while working. There is the pressure of target and deadline. You can still remain healthy if you have at least one fruit regularly. Often people want to skip lunch or keep it little. Fruits can help you to stay full, and you will get all the healthy benefits of it. The nutritional benefits of fruits can keep you going for along run. Include apple, guava, pomegranate or any fruits of your choice to your regular diet.

5. Keep Water Bottle Handy

You have to keep yourself hydrated while working hard to avoid health issues. If you don’t have enough water, there is achance of dehydration that will only hamper your performance. You may not get time to walk up to the water system of your office. Keep bottles on your work desk have water on a regular basis. Not drinking enough water can create problems, like constipation, cramps, kidney related diseases, etc. So, drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.

6. Have Healthy Snacks

While working, you may feel something munching. Instead of looking for fried objects, go for healthy snacks. Fruits can be the best answer for your little hunger pangs. Otherwise, you can carry nuts, sprouts, etc. Such snacks are good for your heart and also kill your hunger pangs.

7. Planning Your Meal Is Important

While planning what you are going to eat at the office, you should also know how much you need to eat. Do you need to have two meals and two snacks? Then, make your plan ahead. Once you are prepared with your meals, it will help you to avoid getting too hungry and having junk foods only.

These are the simple steps you can follow to eat healthy while you are at the office. Your office job is too much strenuous. But, you should also take the best care of your health.



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Monday, 23 September 2019
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