How to Design a Creativity-Inducing Work Space


Creative thinking is not only reserved for artists and designers. You can have very little to do with the aesthetics and still need to think creatively. Innovation, for example, is a result of the creative thinking process. You can use it to find new solutions to various problems. If you want to be creative, you need to care and have some knowledge of the issue, as well as the right conditions.

Introduce nature and its colors

If you haven’t been introduced to biophilia before, let us introduce you. Biophilia is a hypothesis suggesting that humans have an innate inclination toward nature and all things natural. This means that plants, animal, sunshine, water, birds chirping etc. all make us feel happy and at ease. It can take some load of your stressed out mind and help you open up. This is where the term biophilic design comes to place. Use natural materials, colors, light, scents, and sounds to recreate or mimic nature. On top of the biophilic effect, some of the colors you use are also famous for evoking creativity. The blue you use for the sky, and the green you use for plants and grass are both know to relax and inspire.

Bring other people

People enjoy social settings and social interactions. It seems to also have an impact on their creativity. If you are one of them, introduce other people to your workspace. You could ask some of the people you collaborate with, or even your friends who also work from home to come and join you in your office. You could keep some of your children’s toys in, and allow them to come and play occasionally. Alternatively, if social interactions and background noise inspire you, you can create a workstation within your family room. Speaking of the background noise which works for some people, ambient music has also been proven to increase productivity.

A random factor

You can use random objects to create a slightly unusual workspace, that is, a curious one. A room filled with random stimuli, unrelated to your tasks can spark up the imagination. Imagine walking into an antique store. They are usually filled with random items of all sizes. You instantly start picturing the world they used to belong to and what sort of use you could find for them in your life. Use a part of your office to recreate an old library. Place a comfortable armchair you can relax in and surround it with some bookshelves featuring old books and random figurines, memorabilia, and old photos. This randomness will help your mind wander and unlock its creativity.


Some scientists seem to believe that the openness of your office is equivalent to that of your mind. Large space and distance evoke abstract thinking and trigger creativity. Most home offices are not particularly large. However, that does not have to put a stop to creative thinking. Find the best personal storage solutions and fit more things in less space to make the room seem as if it had fewer items in it. Use cool, light colors on your walls to create an illusion of large space.

As the ceiling seems to have a particular influence on creativity. If you do not have a high ceiling, try to emphasize the vertical space. Use wallpaper with vertical stripes, have floor-length curtains, install ceiling-to-floor bookshelves. etc Also, choose a room with a large window and a pleasant view. Include images and artwork of distant place and your mind will expand even further.

The Mess

It is no wonder that we have the term creative mess. Scientists have been able to prove that messy environments stimulate creative thinking. Perhaps the mess is contributing to the random factor and thus inspires your mind to go to different places. However, beware of the mess in the form of major clutter. Clutter is known to have a very negative effect on a lot of people, particularly women. Instead of opening you up to new things, it could stress you out and shut you off. Test it and see which one you prefer. If you have an urge to tidy up before you start work and sort everything in office storage equipment like flyer holders, brochure holders, drawers etc, you will know that you belong to the latter group.

Activity and play

A well-functioning brain could also be a creative one. By exercising your body, you increase the blood flow and consequently the supply of oxygen that comes to your brain. Also, by doing series of the same exercises you can get into the “alpha” state through the repetitiveness. You will be relaxed and daydreaming which is just right for coming up with creative solutions.  Playing is in the same recreational category as it can relax you, and pretense could set your imagination off. Find a toy you can fiddle with while you are relaxing or put a stationary bike in the office. They should both help.

Decide which of the tips suit you the best and try to set up an office which will boost your creativity. Your office will only develop from there, as with the time, your creativity will figure out how to further boost creativity.

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