How to Create an Effective Positioning Strategy For Your Business


For a business to be viable, it has to do something as well as its competitors; to win in a competitive market, it has to do something better than its competitors and communicate this convincingly to the customer group that will value it the most. Here is how to create an effective positioning strategy for your business:

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Effective positioning reduces the costs of ineffective marketing and selling. Positioning strategy is one of the most important business strategies for start up / emerging stage ventures – as they seek to enter or create a new market for their first product. And for established ventures seeking rapid growth strategies through new product development and internationalisation.

Formulating your positioning strategy involves three steps and the answers to some key questions:


Collect and analyse information in the 5-C areas that create and drive your business venture's growth:

  1. Customer
  2. Collaborators
  3. Competitive environment
  4. Competitors
  5. Company capability and competencies

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Based on this analysis and information, answer these four positioning strategy questions:

  1. Who is the Target Market?
  2. What is the Product (or Service) Category?
  3. What is the unique customer benefit - highly valued by them?
  4. What proofs for this can you give at the start and on an ongoing basis?


What is the ‘brand personality’? To foster awareness in the target market of the positioning and impress the market to buy the product/service, here are the elements you'll need: 

  1. Brand name
  2. Logo/ symbol
  3. Colours
  4. Tag-line
  5. Stories
  6. Owned word
  7. Brand voice

Once you have gone through this exercise to decide on your positioning then decide how will you communicate the brand positioning continuously (repetition is vital) and consistently (across all interactions with customers in the target market). 

Over to you now. How have you created an effective positioning strategy for your business? Share any tips in the comments below. 




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Friday, 15 November 2019
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