How to Create a Powerful Online Presence for Your Small Business?

In 2016, a strong online presence is a must for a small business since 93% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on the online resources. No matter, how good is your product or service, it won’t help your business to taste success unless you have a well developed website with up-to-date content. But how will you create a strong online presence for your business? Already, you are working on a tight budget. Plus, you have so many things to look after - payroll, meetings, product delivery, and managing income.

You can certainly hire someone who knows A to Z about how to create a blog, how to maintain it, how to run an effective campaign in Facebook and Twitter. But, this means you need to invest more money. But, in a startup, every penny counts.

So, what’s the way?

Well, you can try out these tips to build a strong online presence without splurging or doing any extra work.

  1. Know where you can find your target customers: A little bit of research can help you build a strong online presence without wasting any time or money. You can know where your target customers are. Obviously, there is no point in running a campaign in Snapchat when your target customers can be reached through Facebook or Twitter.

  2. Insert the right keywords in the website: Think about the words that you will type in a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to buy a product that your company sells. If your company sells toothpaste, then your job would be to find its related keywords and incorporate them in your web pages. Don’t over optimize the keywords. The trick is to give useful information to your customers and smartly optimize the keywords as well. This may help your website to rank higher in the search engines. Please do follow the latest SEO trends.

  3. Promote your content in the social media: Your job is not done after publishing content in the webpage. Now, you have to promote it in various social media platforms. You have to modify your content so that your potential clients can know about your product instantly and are interested to buy it. You need to publish your content in social media with attractive images and a powerful tagline to grab the attention of prospective clients.

Last but not the least,

Online reviews and opinions matter a lot to prospective clients. Create a profile of your company in websites like Yelp where your customers will give honest feedback on your business. You can even ask your existing clients to write long testimonials on your business. Ask your satisfied customers to give their reviews in Facebook or Twitter. The more positive reviews you get from your customers, the better for your business.

Follow websites where bloggers cover various topics on social media marketing and search engine optimization. Both are equally important nowadays. Learn the new guidelines, interesting tips and study customer behaviour. This would help your small business to reach the pinnacle of success.



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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