How to Create a Killer Brand Slogan

How to Create a Killer Brand Slogan

Slogans are essentially made to present your audience with a condensed version of your company’s mission statement. They’re one of the first things your customers will see about your product/service and, as such, a slogan often becomes identified as a synonym for your brand. Big and small businesses alike can benefit from the use of a great slogan; in fact, some well-known taglines today probably started out small.

These short phrases have the ability to spark interest among your potential customers, and some of the best slogans can even manage to evoke a powerful emotional response and affect people’s actions. A slogan is also a very useful way to set yourself apart from your competition. A well-thought-out tagline can convey your company’s ideals and your product’s key benefit, doing so quickly with no more than a few words. Thus, making a great impact in the minds of your consumers.

A great example of this last point can be found in an advertising campaign by a UK milk company called Cravendale. Their slogan of “So good, the cows want it back.” not only successfully transmits their product’s main benefit, but it also differentiates it from every other dairy that’s available on the market.

So, how do you go about writing an amazing slogan for your brand?

Make it catchy

When it comes to crafting a slogan, one of the things you should always keep in mind is that you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression on your customers. Making it short and catchy is one surefire way to earn a permanent place in your clients’ minds.

To write a memorable slogan, marketers employ a few well-known tools that have proved their effectiveness for many decades. Rhyme, alliteration, double-entendre and some other methods are constantly put to good use in brand taglines all around the world.

The use of rhymes can be seen, for instance, in an ad launched by a UK tea brand called Typhoo, which claimed: “You only get an ‘OO’ with Typhoo.” A very catchy way to efficiently show how relaxing and enjoyable having a cup of their tea can be.

Make it about benefits

There’s a well-known saying in marketing that states “sell the sizzle, not the steak.” This simply means that, as a brand, you should focus on promoting the benefits that your customers will gain by using your product or service. That is what gives them the added value, and it’s what will ultimately make them choose your company over another.

A great example of this is luxury car brand Jaguar and their slogan that simply reads, “Grace, space, pace”, an amazing tagline that quickly conveys what customers can expect from purchasing their automobiles.

Make it positive

A good slogan should have a positive impact on your customers so that their minds can start to relate that characteristic with your business. When writing your slogan, try to aim for positive and upbeat sounding words and endeavor to send a message that gives your customers a good feeling.

A few examples of positive slogans are: “Good things come to those who wait” - Guinness, “I’m lovin’ it” – McDonald’s, “Dream bigger” – Superdream Advertising Agency, ”It’s good to talk”- British Telecom, and Tesco’s “Every little helps.”

To sum up

Slogans play an important role in promoting your brand and engaging with your audience. A good slogan can help your business not only get your customers interested in your product or service but also to convey your company’s message. Remember to keep it short, focus on the benefits and make it catchy and positive.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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