How To Check Your Brand Perception


A useful way for the management team to get a quick read on how the company brand is perceived and is performing in the market place is to do an annual "Brand Check Up". Here's how to check your brand perception:

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At their most fundamental, brands pull customers to a business. The vast majority of people when shown the brand name ‘Clearasil’ and asked what it does and for who, will universally answer – spots for teenagers! The market clearly knows that if you have a problem with spots, then the Clearasil brand solves the problem. And that teenagers are the audience.

The Brand Check-Up Process

The Brand Check-Up is a way of testing your "teenager spots" for brand power. Here's how it works:

Select about 10 to 20 people at random for an informal one-to-one conversation. Some are from the company—include at least two people from sales/marketing and service. And others are customers, non-customers (but users in the category) and different user types.

Each person is asked a series of questions – about the company brand and then about other competitor company brands in the market.

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Your Company Brand Questions

The first question posed is, "In three words or less, what does (your) Company stand for?".

If they have a problem answering the question or need a little prompting, make a note of it. If they are able to answer the first question, with or without prompting, follow-up with the following question:

"What things does (your) Company offer or do, day in and day out, that supports that brand promise?"

Explore this further, with the following questions:

  • What products and services do they chiefly provide?
  • Who do they provide those products to?
  • What sort of people work for them?

What is appealing about Company X?

  • Do you like their ads, the information they give?
  • Is there anything missing in their products?
  • Is there anything missing in the way they do their business?

From their answers, a pattern should emerge. Here's what to look for:

  • Can everyone define what the brand stands for?
  • Is there consistency in what everyone says the brand stands for?
  • Is there consistency between what insiders and outsiders are saying?
  • Are the words people use to describe what the brand stands for likely to inspire advocacy?
  • Are the words people use to describe what the brand stands for differentiating and relevant ( the two key attributes for brand strength)?
  • Do the things that they say support your brand promise really support it?

If the person ends up answering "yes" to all of these questions, then the company brand communications program is likely doing its job. On the other hand, answering "no" to any of these, may require further more comprehensive diagnosis.

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Other Brands

In the same interviews probe their awareness and perception of any competitor brands in the marketplace that your company operates in currently (or at a future point).

  • Who are the leading provider brands?
  • What do they stand for?
  • What products / services do they provide?
  • Who do they provide those products to?
  • What sort of people work for them?

Through this Brand Check-Up exercise you should get a good sense of how your brand is perceived, whether or not you are communicating the brand well and how you shape up against competitor brands as well. 

Over to you now. Have you done this kind of brand check up or brand perception exercise? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Monday, 21 October 2019
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