How to Attract the Best Employees to Your Business

For many employers, the recruitment process can be like a box of chocolates: you never know what you might get. So how do you attract the best chocolates to your business? Read on to learn how you can entice the most talented and qualified applicants.

Attract the Best Employees

Define the perfect criteria

When defining the qualifications of your preferred employee, be as specific as possible. The criteria should be a blend of quantified measures and traits.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What sort of degree should the applicant have? Is a four-year college necessary?
  • How many years of work in the field should her/she have? Can you accept someone without any experience and have the time to train him/her?
  • What software programs should the applicant be efficient in?
  • Are there any physical demands of the job?
  • What human traits will fit in best with your workplace culture?

Answer these questions, and you'll have a rough outline of your perfect candidate.

Choose the best recruitment method

Though all jobs should be posted online, sometimes that isn't enough to attract the best employees to your business. There are plenty of recruitment resources you can tap into to find the best candidate.

If you need a college graduate, head straight to the source: the school career fairs. Many campuses host career fairs where your company can set up a booth. Applicants will stop by, drop off their CVs and meet you in person. You'll get a chance to put a face with the CV and do a little screening before you really get into the hiring process.

Recruitment agencies specialise in finding the perfect candidate for the perfect position. They lift the burden of recruitment as they screen all applicants before sending any your way. These agencies have access to a broad range of CVs so you're sure to find someone that matches your qualifications. If you need to keep your recruitment discrete and confidential, agencies will keep your process quiet.

Agencies, however, are not cheap to hire, and they may not understand the needs of your company as well as you do. You're not off the hook in the hiring process. You still need to be diligent when interviewing the agency's candidates.

Don't forget, your perfect candidate might already be a part of your company. Internal recruitment can save you a lot of time and energy in training. The applicant already has experience within the company, and you'll be giving them the chance to further their career.

Of course, internal recruitment does give you a limited pool of candidates, and you might anger an employee who doesn't get the position. Remember, you want the best candidate, not the most convenient.

Write the best job position copy

The job posting should comprise of three sections:

  • Background on the company: Include brief company history as well as its plans for the future.
  • Detailed information about the position: List out all of the responsibilities, experience requirements, qualifications and other important bits of information (Workplace location, physical demands, salary).
  • Run-down of application process: Make note of deadlines and indicate where applicants should send a CV. Don't forget to include contact details

Your job post copy should be in line with your company's brand and style. Make the copy engaging and you'll attract engaging applicants.

Though the recruitment process is rarely easy, if you're committed to finding just the right candidate, your efforts should pay off.



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