How the Marketing Environment is Changing


As anyone who has started their own business from scratch will attest, the marketing and promotion of your product/service is the most challenging aspect. You can have the best product in the world, but your business isn’t going to get anywhere if you adopt an ineffective marketing strategy that your target audience doesn’t connect with.

If you get the opportunity to speak to people who have worked in the world of digital marketing what you’re likely to hear is that the industry rarely stands still, and what was once a core principal even a few years ago no longer rings true. Because of this, there is not static set of rules that you can adhere to when making a modern marketing strategy.

Success comes from staying ahead of the curve, and trying out new ideas. As we come in to the New Year, here’s a few areas in marketing that you should be considering and giving focus to.

Know Your Audience

This part of the marketing process has been considered fundamental for decades, but the means we have to understand people has changed. With a bit of investment, there is no end to the numbers of tools and programmes you can invest to understand what makes people tick, but it is worth doing extensive research to find what is the best fit for you.

Beyond this, a bit of creative thinking can go a surprisingly long way. Many businesses get bogged down into looking at traditional forms of media, searching for insight. Stay one step ahead of your competitors and try to find emerging trends beyond the usual Twitter and Facebook spaces. That’s not to say traditional social media doesn’t have value, just that being smart with your approach comes with benefits.

Embrace Emerging Technology

It’s one thing to keep close tabs on how your audience is using new technology, but it’s another to get to grips with the latest breakthrough’s yourself. As with any innovation, not everything that emerges in the market is sure to be a success, so making the right bet on tomorrow’s next big thing is vital on the path to success.

There are a few new types of technology that are already being touted as future winners, so having an understanding of how your business can take advantage of these would be a valuable use of time. These include the likes of augmented reality and live video streaming. They might not have a fit with your business currently, but are certainly worth keeping an eye on.

People Want to Consume Information

The common thread between the last two described threads is content. After all, that is what people use the internet to consume. Whether you’re dealing in candyfloss or car radios, someone, somewhere will benefit from information on what you do and how you do it. Sometimes it can be hard to find a way to engage people with your business, but this is where content marketing comes in.

So whether you’re planning on writing a series on in-depth blog posts about the fringe benefits of your business, or creating a two minute introduction into the industry in which your business operates, your audience will benefit from the expert information you’re providing them with.

If you’re planning for success this coming year, you need to think about the changing environment and how you can take advantage of the new innovations that are coming into the market. The better prepared you are for change, the greater the chances you have of reaching new audiences.




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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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