How Recruiting is Easier as a Small Business

For any company to succeed, it has to ensure that it hires the most talented and experienced people for the job. Getting these types of employees can be an uphill battle for small businesses that have to compete with larger corporations who have more funds and also want the best. According to recent research by ADP, 40% of small businesses find it difficult to fill open positions while 32% attested to the fact that it takes longer to get the right candidates than expected.

While the above facts could be true, it is hard to ignore small businesses because they account for more than 60% of the jobs available in the private sector. According to the ADP research, to compete at the same level with large corporations, 75% of these organizations, those with 10 to 49 employees, have decided to offer health insurance to their employees. Such companies believe in presenting their businesses in a more attractive manner that potential employees cannot resist. This is crucial for getting the best talent available in the market. Employees want to work in organizations where they are appreciated and their interests are taken care of.

While it is true that larger organizations offer competitive pay and perks, smaller organizations can also provide these lucrative pay packages to their employees and even better working conditions than most of these larger organizations. If you are a small business looking to recruit talented employees, you have to believe you have what it takes to provide them with a better working environment than most larger companies. Small businesses have many advantages over large organizations that they can sell potential employees on. Don’t dismiss size for ability.


Most employees like working in environments where they don’t feel pressured. Most small businesses using eLearning platforms for training purposes do not need a very rigid HR system. Many small company employees can structure their jobs the way they feel comfortable as long as it is in line with the overall goals of the organization. Consequently, this will attract potential employees who want to enjoy work flexibility that they cannot get in large corporations.

Opportunity for Growth

A small business will offer room for growth to its employees. There is always room for growth in small businesses. If you can successfully show job candidates some of the opportunities they have for growth, chances are that you will attract many. Since it is growing, the employees also have the opportunity to develop and sharpen their skills.

The feeling of a family touch

There is nothing more exciting like working in an environment where employees and their superiors work like one big family. Any candidate who wants their interests considered, and not only their work, will feel comfortable working in such an environment. This is a luxury that is not available in larger organizations where the superiors do not even know their employees by name.

A chance to be heard

Employees feel appreciated when given an opportunity to be part of decision making. This will make them work hard to ensure that their plans do not fail. Small organizations offer employees an opportunity to make decisions. They also ensure that every employee is heard, unlike big corporations where top-level management makes major decisions and then communicate them to employees. Recruiting should be easier if you can help potential job candidates realize this.

No bureaucracy

There is a lot of bureaucracy in large organizations. There is always one line of command, and that means employees cannot do anything without proper directions. Bureaucracy is not very lucrative for employees who are proactive and want to implement better strategies faster. Such employees will find it easy working in small organizations where they are allowed to make and implement plans.

As a small business, you have to ensure that you sell your organization like a new product that you are launching. Believe that you can offer to your employees that which large organizations can’t provide their employees. By doing this, you will find it very easy to attract talented individuals. Many small businesses have numerous advantages that will help them compete at the same level with big corporations when it comes to recruitment. Ensure that you sell yourself yourself in a way that potential employees cannot resist. And remember, if people are applying for the job, that means they want to work for you.



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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