How HR Startups/Businesses Are Benefiting From Online Tools

In this era of startups and entrepreneurship, few can afford a fully dedicated HR team. Fortunately, this is where online tools and software come in. Technology is changing the way we work and for the better. With online management tools and software, businesses are more efficient, productive and profitable.

The HR software market is going strong, with the vendors providing new solutions every now and then. Businesses buy those solutions to get quick automated results. Some online tools are the left hand of many startups. According to Deloitte’s Bersin division, “57 percent of companies plan to make a major HR software purchase in the next 18 months.”

Here’s how human resource startups are using online management tools to their benefit:

  1. Keeping everything on track:
Human resource startups have the important task of shaping the corporate leaders of the next generation. It is up to the HR to make sure that everything is done timely. With remote working and freelancing on the rise, an important aspect is how to manage time tracking and invoicing. Tasks like figuring out pay grades, policies, standard operations procedures, codes of conduct, vacation guidelines, etc have to be kept in control. Efficient time tracking tools make it easy to determine the needs of a client, while helping your HR startup keep everything on track.  Good software that manages all these tasks makes managing a HR startup so much easier.


  1. Making use of the cloud
Another important thing is cloud computing. The cloud is a virtual storage space which keeps your entire data safe, and it can be accessed via multiple platforms. In HR, many software offer cloud-based data managing services which make employee analysis as easy as a breeze. Tools like workforcegrowth are user friendly and interactive – people with lesser tech know-how can operate one of these. Categories like employee strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement are made and a very helpful dashboard helps in guiding the user with various tasks. This productivity-based network is basically a very cool HR platform which doesn’t make people sweat in stress.


  1. Resume submission software
Resume submission software have to be the most helpful thing in human resource technology. These software receive all the resume data in a standardized form and users don’t have to go hard on their heads to remember where they stacked the last pile of applications. Submittable is one such online application that lets you digitally sort, analyze and categorize resumes that flow in. Users can rank, filter and categorize applications and it is very helpful when hiring multiple people at the same time.


  1. Payroll tools
Payroll tools make it easy to track and sort payments for employees, especially in smaller companies where multiple financial officers and accountants can’t be afforded. Waveapps is one such tool which cuts the hassle. This work report software makes it easy to distribute tasks to employees in a day. Employees can be sent daily reminders to complete and update their tasks and at the end of the day, the manager can see what the progress was. Such tools allow for efficiency and transparency within the organization, also allowing the HR manager to measure employee productivity.


  1. Multi-channel talent management
Marketers use content marketing and social media to promote their brand and reach new customers. Similarly, HR professionals must abandon the traditional means of recruitment and turn towards social media and other channels to get in touch with top talent. According to an SHRM survey, LinkedIn is the most popular social media channel for recruitment, with 96% organizations using the network for recruitment purposes, while Facebook follows at 66%, and Twitter at 53%.


  1. New means of recruitment
“Recruitment, especially technical recruitment, is a raging problem today,” says Sachin Gupta, the co-founder and CEO of HackerEarth. “Traditional solutions like job portals do not provide quality talent and a lot of new companies, which lack a proper recruiting process, are often clueless on how to recruit. A lot of people can relate to this problem and are coming up with innovative solutions – and hence so many startups in recruitment.”

The traditional model is not yielding the desired outcome,” adds Prashant Koirala, the co-founder of Venturesity. “We are possibly witnessing one of the biggest inflection points in the talent market – types of companies being built, shift in workforce demographic, and working environment. It calls for a more transparent and engaging model and we are addressing the market.”

Koirala and Gupta work closely with the hiring industry in India and are of the opinion that since the world is going digital, the hiring models need to be upgraded too. HR startups can use this empty canvas to paint a bright future for them.


Online recruitment and HR startups will have to try hard to prove their mettle. However, using online -tools can revolutionize the process, making it more efficient. New HR startups know the market needs better and are equipped with the proper tools.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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