How Entrepreneurs Can Brainstorm Unique Ideas for Their Ventures

In many ways, the notion of businesses using a restricted creative team or resource is outdated in the modern age. After all, there is a finite limit on the creative output of any individual resource, while ideas that emerge from the same perspective are bound to grow tired and stale over time. This is why so many businesses now operate as integrated and collaborative hubs, where brainstorming techniques are used to generate ideas from multiple sources at any given time.

Make no mistake; when you’re running out of inspiration or considering problems from a tired perspective brainstorming can be exceptionally challenging. Not only is it difficult to come up with fresh and relevant ideas over a sustained period of time, for example, but time constraints and commercial pressure can make a difficult process even harder to managers and employees alike.

What Unique Brainstorming Ideas Can Entrepreneurs Use to Drive Their Ventures?

This is often a more serious issue for SMEs, for whom an ability to think creatively and develop a unique value proposition remain central to their competitiveness in the marketplace. With this in mind, it is imperative that entrepreneurs consider the following ideas when attempting to optimise their brainstorming sessions: -

Get Out of the Office

One of the best ways to generate unique brainstorm ideas is to remove yourself from your everyday environment. Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you’re not really thinking about them, so getting out of an environment where you feel pressured to come up with an idea and go for a walk or head to the park.

If you’re looking for a more productive way of brainstorming unique ideas, you can head to a societyM meeting room, which is designed to help encourage creativity and fuel better team work. The rooms are fully equipped to enhance creativity with glass walls which you can write on, a selection of food and beverages and plenty of interesting and contemporary art inside to spark your imagination.

Involve People from Other Specialisms

If you work in a team where you always collaborate to brainstorm together, involving other people from other areas of your life or business can be really helpful. For example, although someone working in accounts may have no experience in your field, they will use their brain in other ways and may be able to come up with a unique idea that’s outside of your comfort zone.

Mixing and matching the people you invite to brainstorm session can also be really helpful as it ensures that you have a variety of different ideas and clashes of different personalities bouncing off each other to generate better ideas. This strategy also helps with the full and frank appraisal of ideas, as those with opposing views can often offer a unique and constructively critical perspective.

Be Tactical

If you’re planning a brainstorm with employees, try to schedule them at times of the day when they’re going to be feeling more productive. This means avoiding Monday mornings and meetings straight after lunch must also be a no-no. A study on employee productivity suggests that the times of day when your employees are most likely to be feeling at their most productive include mid-morning and mid-afternoon so scheduling meetings to brainstorm at these times is recommended.

On a similar note, try to leverage difficult brainstorming techniques to ensure that a host of different cognitive processes are catered for. Some people are more creative when they can present their thoughts visually, for example, so encourage these individuals to produce insightful mind maps that reflect their unique thought processes. This ensures that each individual is empowered to give their all and able to contribute fully to the brainstorming process.

Play Word Games

Similarly, sometimes the most abstract ideas can be the best, especially once they’ve been fine tuned. The best way to generate more abstract ideas and concepts is by playing word games. The word association game is always popular and easy way to come up with new ideas and concept when trying to think of unique ideas.

Don’t stick to going around in a circle, just let people shout out when they have a good idea as it puts less pressure on employees, then write down all the words your team come up with and then schedule a meeting for at a later date when you can go back through the list and see if there’s the foundations of any good ideas.

With all these unique ways to brainstorm ideas, you and your team should be able to come up with a whole host of new ideas to forward your business today.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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