How Customer Relationships and Public Relations Are Connected

Companies hire public relations firms as a way to expand their reach outside their immediate sphere of influence. Their role and relationship to the company is thus quite clear. How, however, do public relations efforts tie into customer relationships with the company? The answer is composed of several factors, the following being just a few.


Before any work is done, the public relations team researches the market desired by the company. What publications does the group read? What forms of social media are most popular? For instance, if the company wants the attention of more young parents, Facebook and Pinterest are considered safer choices than Time Magazine or Popular Mechanics. This data paints a descriptive—yet detailed—image of where to find the key market on the internet. From there, a marketing campaign begins in earnest.


With so many types of people, a trap many companies fall into is a lack of focus. They try to fill every role for every type of person and don’t follow a mission statement. According to a consumer analyst with a Public Relations degree, this loss of focus stretches the company thin and makes it appear untrustworthy. Public relations keeps the look and the message focused. It is narrowed down so precisely that companies are only allowed one face. This tactic forces the company to truly determine what they want to be to the public, forcing them to choose what is most important.


The media is far more intertwined with our lives than ever before. Unfortunately for many magnates, they lack proper training in regards to dealing with both the media and the public. What is actual shyness in an executive will quickly be misconstrued as coldness to those that see them. Much like the focused message, the individual’s main messages are cemented. This way, they have a firm hold on what they want to feed the media and what they want to feed the public.


Finally, public relations keeps interaction with the public a prime concern. Directly connecting with customers through social media is an integral part of keeping interest and growing clientele. This also goes beyond the internet. Those that speak for the company are trained how to pull in an audience and build a firm relationship with the press. By using this form of targeting, both individuals and companies grow their influence and keep it.

Customer relationships and public relations are interlocked. Both pull at one another to determine what the popular and trustworthy brands are at the moments, leaving companies stuck in the middle. Without one or the other, businesses would never have grown and customer behavior would remain an enigma.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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