How Can LinkedIn Help You Get A Job?

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn is a social networking platform that allows professionals from various fields and organizations to connect in a manner similar to facebook. Unlike the entertainment based nature of Facebook, LinkedIn is strictly used for professional purpose and is used to share important company information and are used by several organizations to look for potential employees. Several corporate moguls like Microsoft, EBay and Netflix have been known to hire their employees through LinkedIn. Recent reports suggest that there are more than 277 million accounts on LinkedIn, 90% of which belong to professional and passive candidates. This makes it one of the most potential places to search for professional contacts and skilled labor. So how can LinkedIn help you get a job through maintaining your profile?

1. The Jobs Tab

Unlike other social media websites, LinkedIn features a special jobs section where several employers post vacancies that can be applied for, by the job seekers. The ‘Jobs’ tab is place on top of the homepage that can be clicked to accessed a keyword based search engine that will display the vacancies based on your profile and searched keywords.

2. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

Completing your LinkedIn profile is one of the first steps for successful job hunt on the social media platform. An incomplete profile might not only get fewer views but can also lead to the bad reputation of your profile among employers. Employers often make an impression based on the details that you have provided in your profile. So make sure that you include all the necessary details in a proper and professional manner in order to attract more and more potential employers to your profile.

3. Join Groups

The first step to being noticed on LinkedIn is by connecting with more and more people. Various groups can be joined in order to let people know of your existence. The groups can be chosen based on your prospective career field and area of expertise. Contributing in various discussions held on these groups and pages can help you build more rapport with the other users across the world and can help you establish more and more contacts.

4. Sharing Updates

Just like most other social network platforms, LinkedIn also has a status update feature that lets you update your connections with your recent activities. To use this feature to your advantage, it is always advised to post information about any voluntary work, skill building activities or networking activities that you do. Regular updates can attract more and more audience to your profile thus expanding the chances of connection with various employers.

5. Build Connections

The best way to improve your profile’s reach is through building connections with the various employees and professionals related to your field. Similar to the follow and add friends function on twitter and facebook, the connections function is one of the best ways to get regular updates from professionals and employed personnel from across the world. If you think any user can be beneficial for you to land an interview, simply click connect and get all the necessary details about the position that you want to apply for.

6. Use The Q&A Option Wisely

By using the Q&A option you can directly post your queries about a particular organization or employer on the communities. As communities are used by a large number of users, it is one of the best ways to get important information or arouse the interest of a potential employer to your profile on LinkedIn. Due to the professional format and the presence of serious users, the Q&A function provides a quality solution to your query.

With several other useful functions, LinkedIn is one of the great fruits of the Internet technology that has helped several job seekers and professionals connect with various organizations looking to recruit quality staff. The above-mentioned tips can be really helpful for the new and seasoned job seekers to make their searches more efficient and help land an interview.

Author Bio:

Rohit is the current contributor for, and several other blogs and websites related to management, finance, recruitment and marketing. He likes reading various books and other literature related to the various topics and likes to keep up to date with the latest news and developments in the market.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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