How Can I Be In The Internet Marketing 5% Success Club?

If you believe the statistic that 95% of people who start out in internet marketing fail, I'm pretty confident in my assumption, you would like to be in the 5% group who succeeds.

Wishing and wanting to be in 5% group, won't guaranteed your space. As there are things that you need to know and do, here's my top nine:

1 - Know your purpose

Before you start your business, you have got to get completely clear on your purpose, your primary reason for starting an online business. If it is strong and compelling, it will act as your motivator, driver and inspiration to carry on, when the going gets tough.

2 - Come up with at least 10 other reasons to start/run your internet marketing business

Dan Kennedy once said, the reason why there aren't more millionaires in America, is down to people not having enough reasons to do what's necessary to become a millionaire.

If coming up with 10 other reasons, is easy for you, carry on until you can't think of any more.

3 - Strengthen your dream

You need to ask yourself, what you can do right now and on an ongoing basis to strengthen your dream.

Here's some ideas for you...



Vision boards



Do what works best for you.

4 - Know where you are

In relation to starting and running an online business, where are you, mentally, physically, where are you at your skills.

5 - What do you need to do/know/have to get to where you want to be

List everything that comes to mind and plug those essential gaps.

6 - Create a plan

Most people have a belief that they have to a perfect plan before they get started. They spend days, weeks or months, trying to perfect it. Right now, a rough plan would do, more than likely you're going to makes changes to it.

"A good plan executed today, is better than a perfect plan executed in a weeks' time."

General Patton.

7 - Work your plan and measure your results, adjusting your plan.

8 - Outsource

When you are ready, outsource the tasks that take up your time, especially the repetitive tasks.

9 - Continue the process. Tweak your plan until you get where you want to be.

Bonus tip

If you really want to be a success, take a leaf out of Grant Cardone's book The 10X Rule and X10 everything. Multiply your goals, your productivity and your thoughts by a factor of 10.

If you need additional help, you can download my "The Most Important Thing You Need To Know... Before Starting an Online Business" report here



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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