How Business Apps will Reshape the Future of Business in 2014

Statistics reveal that 2013 witnessed a rise in the use of iphones and androids. Let's view some interesting facts about how mobile phones and mobile apps have taken the world by storm.

As of 2013,

  • Apple app store: 850, 000 total apps and boasts 50 billion downloads.
  • Amazon app store: 75, 000 total apps with16 million downloads.
  • BlackBerry App World: 120,000 apps in total and shows 3 billion downloads.
Also, at Nokia Store there are 116, 583 apps in total and has recorded 365 million downloads. Google Play reveals 48 billion downloads with 800 thousand plus apps. These statistics reveal how popular mobile apps have become today. Although these apps are designed for all areas of life, there are many mobile apps in particular which are extremely helpful in carrying out a successful business. These apps are sure to change how business will be conducted in 2014. Many people argue over the iPhone vs Android Apps debate, but the truth is all mobile apps whether they are designed for iPhones or android phones, are reshaping the future for businesses all around the world.

Let's take a look what business apps can do for businesses in 2014:

Going Digital with your Wallet

Currently, mobile payments may not be a huge thing. But 2014 promises to bring more efficient and hassle free mobile wallets to consumers. Present issues such as data security and a confusing mobile payment scenario may be stopping these mobile apps from becoming a rage. But the truth is, digital wallets will be the next best thing in 2014. They are simply smartphone apps which keep your payment and loyalty card information together. Two popular examples are of Google Wallet and Apple's Passbook. There are several other user friendly mobile wallet apps used for both small and big businesses alike.

Creating a Paperless Office

A paperless environment is what every small or big business yearns for. Although most businesses have already adopted to a paperless work system, still many businesses struggle to manage heaps of documents and rely on the conventional document management systems. With the advent of mobile apps, a completely virtual file sharing and document management system is possible. Professionals in 2014 will definitely use apps such as Mobile Phax, Dropbox and etc to access and edit PDF's, files, MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and much more. There are many iPhone apps designed to run your business successfully. One such app is Genius Scan which allows you to scan and email from just about anywhere.

Mobile Marketing

Marketing about your new services, products or events can be an expensive venture. As countless business owners, developers, and publishers are adopting to mobile marketing in the digital space, the foundation is intact for an even more tremendously flourishing 2014. Mobile marketing apps can be used to complement traditional advertising or as a single handed project. Next year more brands will adopt or design their own marketing apps to make their target audiences aware of their new products or any updates regarding their existing services.

CRM Mobile Apps

CRM apps which are used by companies to manage their customer relationships will be widely used next year. According to statistics, mobile CRM apps will rise up to 500 % by 2014. Mobile CRM apps are the most suitable business applications for mobile deployment as the CRM software is closely connected to email, frequently delivered from the cloud and typically used by salespeople in the field. However in 2014, mobile CRM apps will be useful for all businesses as they ensure increased revenue, data organization and can be used for remote collaboration. Mobile CRM apps are not just about keeping your information organized but in reality, it is all about scrutinizing the information and using it to gain insights into your customers as well. This information will ultimately help you in refining your approach towards your business.

Mobile apps can improve your work flow, client relationships and marketing methods. Many brands have already adopted or designed their own mobile apps for successful business ventures. For the year 2014, more mobile apps will be integrated by businesses to increase their efficiency which will ultimately yield more ROI.



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Monday, 15 July 2019
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