How Being in Recovery Has Helped Me in Business!

I am feeling very grateful today. Through my journey into the business world and the social media world I have experienced many ups and downs. As an Entrepreneur you need to learn every single day. I learned something new last week.

I had my book launch. And it was a huge evening for me …although I felt a bit weird. I didn’t quite know why but now I do.

As someone who is in recovery. (I haven’t had a drink for 6 years) the emphasis was on learning how to live without drink one day at a time. I had to learn a whole new way of living. In fact I had no idea how normal people lived. Years ago when I had a hangover I would see a guy out washing his car. I used to think ‘How boring’. But now….I cherish these little moments. Such as planting flowers in the garden, going for a walk with the dogs, sitting snuggled up with my children.

Talk to other Entrepreneurs

We also say that it’s very important to talk about what is going on for us. And this applies to the Entrepreneur also. We can get so caught up in our business that we sometimes feel isolated and alone. But when we talk to another Entrepreneur we realize that we aren’t the only ones who are experiencing the same problems and issues. We can Identify with each other.

Also there are many slogans I live by as I try to live my life as a ‘normal’ person. These slogans can apply to the Entrepreneur also. Such as ‘Keep it Simple’ or ‘Easy does it’‘Think, Think, Think.’ Before we ‘react’ to something, we need to step back and think it through. We need to step back and see why are we doing this? Is it working, is there another way we need to do things etc.

Don’t judge others

Assist others

Be kind

Don’t bitch about others

We can’t control what people think of us. Give them the right to be wrong. Letting Go….all of these apply when you are in Business too.

I decided to set up the support network #irishbizparty so that there would be a safe network of people and a place where we could share good news and also ask for help. The most difficult thing can be asking for help.

It isn’t a network for getting sales. It’s a support network. All run voluntary by it’s members.

Book Launch

I had my book launch last night and am a bit overwhelmed by how far people came to be there. How they took time out on a Friday night to be there ….to be there for me. It made me realize that I am no longer alone. I am adding value to people’s lives. It makes me feel like a useful member of society and that I am doing well……I am no longer that person who was addicted to drink, selfish and full of fear. I am a person who helps others and they appreciate it.

There are others who don’t like me and constantly target me with hate and horrible comments. But I don’t care about them anymore. I keep good people close to me and I keep far away from those who want to drag me down. This toxic, dark and horrible type of thing is everywhere not just in the business world as we all know. You can see the suffering in Gaza, the evil of September 11th etc. They are a minority Thank Goodness. I think most folk are good.

All I want is to have a happy home, happy family and be able to pay bills. I suffered for too long with no money to give my children what they need. I know money isn’t everything but when you haven’t got any it means something to you. I have everything I need. Not necessarily everything I want lol…..but definitely everything I need. Two beautiful girls, a roof over my head and food. I even have some nice things such as a car and TV, computer, phone etc. Not the latest gadgets but enough to get the job done! lol

I suppose that I feel a bit weird today because I have reached my dream. My dream of being a better person and not finding solace in alcohol and falseness. So if I can inspire one other Woman or Man to go for it, even if they are suffering now….it can get better with hard work and support. I mean from the bottom of my heart….Thank you……Thank you to all of you who have supported me on my journey so far.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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