How Away Days Can Benefit a Smaller Business

Away days can be great events to help develop a company’s staff, but they can especially have benefits for a smaller business. Small teams can allow for more concentrated away day experiences, so you can focus on the specific needs of your employees, helping with everything from team building to training to motivation.

Incentives company Corporate Rewards Events (CR Events) explains key ways how, with a handful of staff, an away day experience can really benefit your business.

Team building

Having a strong team is crucial when running a small business. You should make sure every member of your staff is working for you (and together) to the best of their abilities. Team building, and building the skills across your team so they work together as a well-polished unit, is therefore essential.

Holding a business away day for your staff is a good way to focus on your team building. Doing this is particularly beneficial for a small business because having fewer employees can allow you to focus on building key individual skills within the team. This could include leadership, collaborating, basic communication and listening to each other.

Good away day events that focus on team building could include overnight survival training, whitewater rafting and paintballing. Such activities allow a small group to work closely together and focus on skills that help strengthen their team, such as making quick decisions, reacting fast, and thinking quickly on their feet.

Training days

Training up your team is important in business, whether to bring them up to speed on particular software or improve their skills in key areas, such selling or marketing. An away day can work well as a training day because it allows staff to enjoy a trip that can help them learn more effectively. It’s also a good option for a small business because fewer people means there’s time to focus on problematic areas across the team.

Away days that focus on training could include a trip to a conference exhibition about your business sector, or a tour of the company that produces the products you sell. Such trips can help staff get more engaged in their learning, which can train them up more effectively, such as learning about a client’s brand or technology developments in your sector.

These events can create more of a personal experience for a small team, such as arranging for a speaker to have a private session with your group at a conference. You can also make more time for individuals to ask, for instance, a tour guide questions. All this can get individuals more involved and help create a relaxed environment.

Motivational days

Making sure a team is motivated in a small business is crucial because fewer number of employees means mood and morale can be easily affected. If staff aren’t motivated to work, production can take a downturn. Employees can also quickly become unhappy, fed up and start looking for a job elsewhere.

Holding an away day for your business is a good way to motivate and inspire your employees. A motivational day can be used for anything from keeping staff happy in their role to building enthusiasm around a new product, or engaging staff into your business brand.

Good examples of motivational away days could include outdoor pursuit activities, water sports like rowing, or experiences like a hot air balloon ride. A small business can also offer staff more intimate, interesting experiences, like behind the scenes access at a music event, or a VIP experience at a film premiere. After such events your staff can come back to the office feeling positive, motivated and ready and willing to work.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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