How Apps Are Changing the Enterprise Landscape

Apps are everywhere. Enterprises are also not left untouched and have boarded the app bandwagon. Mobile phones are the world’s most used gadgets and pretty much everyone at work has a smartphone these days.

While at times they can be quite a distraction, no doubt they can be a great tool for enterprises. Even social networks have started promoting “for work” apps and provide solutions for communication within the organizations.

If organizations need to grow and be efficient, communication is very important. The tools of communication have evolved providing better flexibility to access them from a mobile device as well. The fact is, People have developed a mobile app with a mobile first approach where the focus is to make them usable on mobile devices and then adapt to the desktop versions later.

Since communication is the bloodline of any enterprise, it is vital that the employees are always able to use a platform and are connected with whatever OS platform they use. The most popular mobile OSes are just Android and iOS so apps have to be able to run on both these platforms. Whatever the choice of apps, the end goal for an enterprise should be making lives easier for the employees while being able to make processes simpler and easier for everyone involved.

Enterprises can use mobile apps for several of their needs but the most prominent examples can be for

1. Simplifying Workflows

Whether it's communication within departments, creating a file or document, applying for leaves or more tasks which are a daily routine for any organization, mobile apps enable these tasks to be done easily and swiftly. Also the fact that the enterprises benefit providing mobile access to their employees so that they are always in the loop and never miss work related communication adds to increased productivity.

2. Communication

Communication is the heart of any business organization. Everyday team meetings are held which are summarized in emails, internal chats on some apps like Slack, Guite or any other communication protocols which a company follows.

3. Bridging the gap

‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’ and maybe this is what invited the wave of mobile apps. The time’s moving faster than we ever expected it to. Today, ‘time is money’ and mobile apps assist you in saving time in a productive way. They can help you bridge the gap between traditional methods and modern requirements.

4. Geolocation

Modern day mobile phones have GPS capabilities and the apps have been designed in a way to get the most of this feature. The app notifications can be customized based on the location of the user or employee and time based and location-aware notifications can be sent thus improving the overall workflow.

5. Remote Access

The fact that mobile phones give mobility to the users and employees of the organization and do not expect them to be tied to a device limiting their physical movements is a great advantage. Being able to access work-related documents, emails and more remotely and on the go is what proves as a major benefit of mobile phone apps. The enterprises have seen increased productivity due to mobile apps and this has worked wonders for executives who have to be on the go and travel a lot for professional purposes. Collaboration with the team no matter, where a person is based in the world, is a big plus for the enterprise driving mobile app usage.

6. Time Management

Mobility adds great time-saving features. The need to have constant access to a computer which is not that easy to carry around has been served because the apps have made everything available in the palm of the hands. The mobile UX and design have taken great strides to have amazing savings in time and resources for organizations.

7. Task Automation

Let us suppose you have an important meeting scheduled but out of the blues a task pops in. Now you have to sail in both these boats and without any glitch. This is where the automation feature of applications enters. Apps like Tasker, even Siri, Cortana and Google Now can commendably assist you in automating numerous tasks. Not only this but applications save an extra piece of your time and effort, which can be further utilized to fulfill other responsibilities.

8. Stay updated

Not necessary that every time you are going to be in front of your desktop or laptop. There will be the time you are in some meeting, seminar, traveling, or may be in the washroom. These are quite certain things while being in office, but at the same time getting an important email asking for an urgent file is something uncertain. This is where an application can help you with regular updates, and take necessary actions.


There can be a lot of benefits beyond those mentioned above. As enterprises grow and need to better manage their time and resources, mobile apps prove almost a necessity to better manage the business and stay ahead of the competition.

They are impeccably complementing their traditional sibling, by assisting enterprises to finish tasks in their absence.

Do you use mobile apps in your enterprises? What apps have you used which have proved very helpful and indispensable?



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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